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Pass Around: Schick Adjustable Injector

Discussion in 'Lending Pool' started by riverrun, Tuesday May 31, 2016.

  1. mpf9ret


    The Adjustable was designed to use Twin Blades, and it and all of the modern Schicks [except those with a rinsing lever] perform much better with a Twin Blade.
  2. mpf9ret


    The Adjustable was designed to use Twin Blades, and it and all of the modern Schicks [except those with a rinsing lever] perform much better with a Twin Blade.
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  3. Thanks. Yes I found the twin blade was excellent.
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  4. Shave 5.

    Bowl lathered OSP Barbershop Soap. Schick Twin Blade.

    Once again, a very comfortable and close shave on 7/7/5. This razor really is fun, and a pleasure to use. The Twin blades give a seriously good shave. I will certainly want to add an injector to my stable (when my self-imposed buying ban is over), and although @riverrun ensures me that there are better alternatives to the Schick Adjustable, I think this will be the first SE that I will buy.
    I will post the razor on to @shevsky by the weekend.
    Thanks guys.
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  5. shevsky


    “If you meet the Buddha, kill him.”

    The razor arrived promptly yesterday (thank you, @Barry Giddens).
    I just had my second shave with it, equipped with twin blade. I didn’t report yesterday as I needed a confirmation on a couple of things. Now I am ready to share some of my thoughts with you.

    This razor with twin blade has ruined my shaving experience. It shaves and it shaves very well. I started with setting 4 but went to 7 within a minute and dialled to 8 a minute later (not shown on a dial but you can move it beyond 7). What a wonderful head shave. Smooth, sharp, I literally tried to cut myself but I failed.

    It’s like an iPhone, it just works. I am an Android guy myself and love tweaking all the settings and install apps to save my battery and such…with iPhone you don’t need to do it, it delivers straight from the bat. I own an iPhone since spring and I am bored. I like playing with my gear.

    I could compare this razor to a Playboy playmate; a perfect girl that delivers. Smooth skin, shaped like a goddess, long blond hair… but after a while, you realise you don’t have very much in common. There is joy and 100% satisfaction but when you’re tired and try to talk to her about simple things she doesn’t have much to say.

    Shaving for me is a hobby and joy. I shave before I go to bed so I don’t need to rush it, I drink my wine, I listen to my favourite music and I lather and shave and it gives me an immense pleasure and a break from everything else. I like tweaking my gear, playing with blades and angles and different combinations of soaps and aftershaves…this razor is too good for me. I need something less efficient. 10 minutes shaves with spectacular results are not for me.

    This razor just gave me the effortless and one of the best shave of my life. I will use it again tomorrow to say goodbye to it and “never to see you again”.
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  6. riverrun


    The list is OPEN...
    1. riverrun
    2. ben139
    3. Nathan
    4. newbie
    5. p.b
    6. wayne mattison
    7. Honk
    8. Electrif
    9. ajmw89
    10. Macaronus
    11. Mr Bigmem
    12. Looney12345
    13. SeanC
    14. Fuzzyian
    15. Blademonkey
    16. matteob
    17. Les Dupondt
    18. Burgundy
    19. Blackmass
    20. Barry Giddens
    21. shevsky
    22. You?
    The list is open.

    Legend: Completed, Currently with, Waiting
  7. That's the first time I have heard of a razor being too good Tom. But I get what your saying.
  8. mpf9ret


    I too feel that way about the Schick Adjustable, very good but feels clinical. Do not even think of using
    One now, not to sure where it is / they are ?
  9. riverrun


    So, who wants to look after the Schick Adjustable next?
    Previous participants are welcome as well :p
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