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Photo of the day

Discussion in 'Photography and Photos' started by Helveticum, Tuesday October 20, 2015.

  1. vassili


    Which my pyromaniac wife, or my unruly mutt? Lol.
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  2. You can tell be about your pyromaniac wife another time!! :)
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  3. Great looking dogs.
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  4. vassili


    Thank you.
  5. My first experiment with photographing water drops.


    No fancy equipment just a dropper from dropper bottle, water and off camera flash. I do know I have a long way to go, but for a first effort I'm not displeased.
  6. For as you say, a first effort, I think it's a great shot, a millisecond of Time, captured. well done.
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  7. I keep trying to like that more than once. Excellent picture.
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  8. He is a cute little bugger. Looks like mischief, defined.
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  9. Ha, you are right there, full of mischief, even now. :)
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  10. Cromford Mill, Derbyshire.

    cromford small.jpg

    Interesting place to visit.
  11. Who left the tap on? :)
  12. Went on a road trip to Northern Cyprus (Turkish area). Obviously couldn't help but to drop at a traditional barber shop.
  13. Digimonkey


    Nice pic. You mentioned in a previous thread you were taking a Nikon FA? And indeed HP5? I haven't owned that camera but I seem to remember it was the the first Nikon manual-focus body to do matrix metering? There was a period - about ten years ago - that film cameras were embarrassingly cheap on EBay. Before that - professionally - I had been a proper photo-journalist and when traveling - Olympus bodies were the best thing to use. OM1, OM2 and OM3. When I got my current job I moved to Nikon. More recently I bought up my dream lineup of Nikon bodies - with matching motor drives or auto winders - F2 - HP Photomic high eye-point finder, F3 - HP - press version - virtually waterproof. Hot-shoe on the prism. Not a Nikon specific mount above the rewind crank - a major design flaw in the original camera. FM2 - the titanium shutter version. Bought from a police forensic lab but virtually unused. It had been attached to a microscope for most of its working life. I retained a pile of F4's and an F5 - before we went digital at work - but I don't reach for them often - if at all. In fairness the F4's were great cameras - I can't remember them ever letting me down. Ok - the AF was rudimentary but the problem moving to digital was flash - if you're a news photographer - which I am - you need to use fill-in flash routinely. Off the film metering was faultless in my experience - digital cameras were completely horrible until the Nikon D3. The D1 bodies - which we paid not far off £5000 for - couldn't tell colours apart. Hopeless. Stick to film mate. Keep the craft going. I've been paid to take pictures for more than 25 years - the trade - in my experience - has become de-skilled. I work with cameras that think they know more about photography than I do. This might well be the case but I'd hate to accept it. I most often reach for rangefinder cameras - either a Leica - I have an M6 classic, an M4 P and I have a selection of Voigtlander bodies. Matching lenses - which are unbelievably sharp - do you understand what bokeh is? - and have a quality of their own. in the case of Leica £500 for a second-hand 50mm. I take more personal pictures with these - possibly excepting the FM2. Sorry for the photo rant. I thought you might understand. I
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  14. Yes, it does matrix metering, and is quite an advance camera overall (the most advance semi-pro for its time). I don't use it as much as I would like to though - most of my day-to-day photos nowadays are made with GM5 purely due to its size. FA is for when I'm specifically out to shoot (and like you say, for more personal stuff) - but I also need to buy a 35mm lens, since my current 28mm Vivitar doesn't always give what I need.
    Also have Canonet QL17 - which is an absolutely fantastic camera as well (rangefinder) despite being very simplistic mechanically, but I haven't brought it along when moving to Cyprus, unfortunately.
    As for photography becoming deskilled - well, that's long happened with cheap DSLRs (let alone phone cameras). I'm kinda used to "one shoot one kill" from the times when I had a Kiev-19 and scraped for pocket money to buy and develop film as a kid. Kinda a gives you a bit of discipline.
    Now I'm actually just returning to photography after many years of being almost idle (or sticking to my phone camera for day to day stuff), which has actually happened after I got my DSLR. Since I'm not a professional, I just couldn't be bothered logging it around - especially on some trips. Now GM5 kinda solved that issue, but still shooting with FA or QL17 is what brings real joy into the process.
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  15. Oh, and you can also do mechanical double exposure with FA, which is significant for its class.

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