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Photo of the day

Discussion in 'Photography and Photos' started by Helveticum, Tuesday October 20, 2015.

  1. patw


    Nice photo Iain,I like the horizontal line the sky provides and the way the light from the puddles guide the eye down the path.
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  3. Nice! I'm a sucker for lines and delineations of texture.
  4. SR-Rum42.jpg

    The Island of Rum - And this is where the path in the previous picture takes you to. As an idyllic a pitch as any I can remember. A much better view across to Skye. The weather was beautiful - my mate - that's him down on the shoreline - was pulling fish out the sea apparently at will for dinner - cooked over an open fire. It doesn't get much better than that for me. I could show some more of this trip if any one is interested. Leica M6 - 35mm - cheers - I.

    @Helveticum @Barry Giddens @Blademonkey @patw
  5. Solitude ........perfect! P.

    Please Sir can I have some more? P.
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  6. patw


    I wondered where that path led to,cracking spot to set up camp.
  7. Amazing. Really wish I'd gone there when I could.
  8. NubraLongSR.jpg

    I take your point Barry - an empty road is in some ways a blank canvas - but sometimes a road picture needs a figure or figures to give scale and context. It gives the viewer a 'way in' to the picture. Nubra valley. Nikon F2 As Photomic - 200mm and Tri-X.


    To prove my point - and breaking the rules on this thread - but you will forgive me - a picture taken by a close friend of mine. The aftermath of the 2011 tsunami in Japan. A town hit by a 40 meter wave. Polaroid - shot for exposure test before film. Yours - I.

    @Barry Giddens @Helveticum @Blademonkey
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  9. View attachment 31340
    My eyes were immediately focused on the two figures in the top pic.
    Truly mesmerizing shot I. and thanks for sharing.
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  10. I wonder what the two people are talking about while they are walking on that rough road in the heat of the day........." I told you to fill up at the last petrol station!" or " I could kill for a camel just about now!"
    Great picture. :) P.
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  11. That’s lovely Iain.
  12. As you know Iain, I do like a bit of post-apocalyptic imagery. Excellent.
  13. My shipmate chilling in the skiff while we're headed to a location. Kodiak, Alaska.
    Kodak disposable waterproof camera with Kodak film.
  14. Works do on Saturday, which was actually a blast this year.
    Couple of shots I tried on the way home from the bus stop - with varied success. It's a couple of miles trot along the ridge and I didn't switch the head torch on once. These are the best of a bad bunch - I was quite tipsy and it was around midnight.

    This is on a relatively short section of sunken way.


    This is the best of the bunch shot at 1/3 f/1.9 apparently, facing ENE I would think with the moon off to the right Leeds way. Next time I think I'll take a tripod...

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  15. More of a can you see what I was trying to do post than a hey check out my skills.
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  16. I find that first path oddly enticing. Even in the dark.
  17. What I really needed was to put the torch further down the path as the bushes form an arch, didn't think of that till I got home though. Which seeing as that was sort of my plan for that bit of the walk home let's you know how good the evening was.
  18. patw


    This is me today climbing up a snow gully on Beinn Narnain, the mountain and it's neighbors are known as the Arrochar Alps (Scotland)

    Enjoyable day in the great outdoors.
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  19. Mr T You Crazy Fool.png :D:D:D
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  20. patw


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