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Photo of the day

Discussion in 'Photography and Photos' started by Helveticum, Tuesday October 20, 2015.

  1. Very nice H. - there is a lot in that picture. Layers upon layers. Sweet - I.
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  2. SR-Awe2.jpg

    Loch Awe - reflections - upside down clouds. Never allow a drunk man to use a full frame 16mm lens. A sober person may well have exposed it properly too. Nikon D700. Yours - I.

    @Helveticum @Blademonkey @Barry Giddens @patw
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  4. Indeed - for you -


    Yours - I.
  5. Number Six

    Number Six

    [​IMG] “On the banks of the Sumida river in Tokyo with the Skytree in the background. “

    Just returned from a couple of weeks in Japan.

    Leica Q. f:5.6 @ 1/60sec.

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  7. patw


    Nice shot I,the sky is having a dip in the loch.
  8. I can almost detect the sounds and smells, wonderful, great picture. P.
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  9. Marvellous, vibrant image.
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  10. Thank you gents! This one is probably my favourite of the series. Exactly what I was going for in story, ambiance and colour.
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