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Pre- Shave oil

Discussion in 'Pre Shave' started by Luckypip, Thursday March 16, 2017.

  1. Luckypip


    Hi Guys
    I have never yet tried a pre-shave oil and would like to get some guidance from users !
    Is it something worth doing ?
    What type of oil is recommended by most users ?
    I would imagine it would need to be a very pure oil, could I use something like Jojoba or Argan; or would this be too thick an oil to apply for a pre-shave ?
    Any guidance would be appreciated !
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  2. jmudrick


    Argan is fine (if pricey). AOS preshave consists of olive and castor oils which are cheap enough to try out without any real money spent. Joboa, almond, Grapeseed, Meadowfoam and vegetable glycerin all are used in preshaves..

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  3. Bizzyberry


    I am still undecided on the benefits of pre-shave oil, I have only tried ones sold for that purpose, except for coconut oil which is actually really good. I have read good things about Argan oil but never tried it, yet. I find most pre-shave oils a bit messy to clean up.

    @Luckypip I will send you a sample of Truefitt and Hill and Taylors of Old Bond Street to try, just need to find something to put it in...... let me know via PM if you are interested.
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  4. PSOs have done nothing for me in the past. However, I did see some Argan oil on sale a few weeks ago and bought a bottle on a whim. I really am not seeing any appreciable benefits from using it, and if you use too much it kills your lather. I'll carry on in case I get an epiphany with it, but I'm not holding my breath.
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  5. neilwf


    I made my own. One part castor oil, two parts extra virgin olive oil, and ten drops of tee tree oil (I made a reasonable amount). Vary the amount of tee tree oil to what suits you, but I wouldn't use any more than I have.
    The trick is to use it VERY sparingly, a few drops will do. The bottle I made will last a long time.
    It's really only noticeable on the first pass, but it has improved the condition of my skin
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  6. Paul_J


    I've never bought a pre shave oil but to reduce irritation I use Nivea Sensitive post balm and it seems to work wonders
  7. Jonny69


    I've tried Osma pre-shave oil. Nice smell and seemed to help on the first pass. However I thought that it built up a residue on the brush after a while.
  8. Try BBA Shave Oil,..they re-wrote the book!.....
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  9. Paul_J


    I used King of Shaves blue bottle for a while but as my technique has improved I've found that i get way less irritation so tend not use it.
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  10. windows95


    Not essential, but fits nicely in my routine. I use the Executive shaving stuff, good scent & no residue. Lime & Patchouli scent, £11, a small amount goes a long way.
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  11. Am I right in thinking you should not use pre shave oil with a badger brush?

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  13. In the wintertime, I use pre-shave on occasion because my skin gets so dry. I do not find it has a positive effect on the shave itself whatsoever.
  14. I've never used pre-shave oil. I don't see the need for it TBH. A good soap and bloomed water is quite sufficient for me.
  15. Bogeyman


    I'll buy that. I also have used it for a "no shower first" shave prep and it helps there IMO merely be accelerating the prep. Other than that, never.
  16. Completely, utterly useless. Agree with Norfolkdick.
  17. A little preshave oil or moisturiser under the lather helps when I'm using shavettes. Stops me clipping my chin.
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  18. ajc347


    I'm a great fan of pre-shave oils as I find that they really do make a difference to my shave. I suffer from dry skin and also have a medically diagnosed skin condition and I suspect that this may well be the reason as to why I find them to be useful.

    I think it's pretty clear that pre-shave oils are a product that will work very well for some people whilst being completely unnecessary (and thereby a waste of money) for others. In this respect, they are something of a Marmite product which tend to polarize views much more than any other shaving product out there.
  19. I find the Trumper's skinfood causes an uncomfortable reaction including a tingling sensation!
    So I now us "3P" which is made in Italy and is an excellent pre/post shaving cream. I found as a pre shave cream
    it lubricates and softens the stubble/beard working to help achieve a trouble free smooth shave.
    3p is formulated for use with all skin types and it is extreamly cheap, just €7.95
    I found it on
    or on it is £7
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  20. Sabre


    I am another fan of PSO's. I use to buy commercial ones, but now I make my own.
    I tend to use Sweet Almond, Apricot Kernel or Grapeseed oil with Lime, Grapefruit, Calendula, Tea Tree and Geranium EO's.
    I have copied local artisan producers or ideas such as these:

    Cherry and Peach Kernel are on my carrier oil to try list. I may dilute with Grapeseed as suggested in the link.

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