Pre-Shave Wash Important

I usually shave after a shower, and of late have been using Bulldog Face Wash which I find good for me. Not expensive and easily available in UK supermarkets etc. I don't use any specific pre-shave stuff. Tried a basic oil once and it did nothing for me. On the odd occasion I shave without showering first i just rinse with warm warm water and lather up, works fine too.
According to lore, "shaving soap" is soap based because you need to strip the hair of oil so that water can get in and soften it prior to the razor. The lather is a carrier of this moisture to the hair.

I notice a huge difference in my stubble pre/post washing it with BS Maka Root facewash. It really does strip the stubble ready for the lather.

I prefer to rely on the soap for slickness which means i can find some of the less slick soaps a bit of a challange.

It is a yes from me.