Proraso on the hight street?

Will need to drop into Carlo Anchini next time I'm in the area.

I ended up buying 3 tubs of Proraso (one of each) on eBay. I knew that I liked the Sensitive already and reckoned that as long as one of the red or green were good, I'd still break even.

Turns out my instincts were right - I don't like sandalwood
It's a shame that ProRaso haven't been able to sell into some of the bigger UK retailers of shaving products like Boots, Tesco, Savers etc.. the customer base would be huge if they did.
Yes, especially considering the insipid, watery rubbish they do sell. I was told that Sainsburys will stock a product if enough customers consecutively ask the duty manager for it. Maybe we should pick some stores and all visit in short succession.

John Lewis stock TOBS, but I've never seen it in Waitrose.