Proraso Wood & Spice 100ml

Perhaps this should be moved to the cream section as I posted here in error. :oops:

I read that the scent on this cream is very strong.
They have all 3 of the Pro Series in 100ml tubes now, I think Azur Lime one is a bit lighter in scent than the others?

The cow bladder containers for shaving creams seems a bit excessive. I've been deliberating purchasing the Vitos Cream, but the 500ml bladder seems unwieldy at best.
Well, a shave buddy gifted me the remaining good sized portion of a 9.5 oz. small bag of this new cream. I have yet to use it, but I cannot help but state that the smell is somewhat reminiscent of NOS AOS Sandalwood shave soap as made by Valobra, but a bit more spicy. I would even say there is a camphor like smell that causes this. Interesting.
Well, I have used this interesting Italian cream several times and my opinions are as follows.

The scent is very powerful IMO for a cream. There is some form of eucalyptus or menthol sensation on the face, but the scent is potent and as I stated before it is somewhat reminiscent of the old AOS Sandalwood shave soap to a degree. YMMV on this last point however. Slickness is very good and lathers easily, but it seemed to "apply" differently to my face IMO than their regular creams. An excellent cream overall, but especially for those who like a heady masculine fragrance.