Quick & Dirty Razor Rack

You need:

£10, a saw, a drill, a pencil and a ruler.

Bob down to your favourite DIY store and pick up a piece of strip wood, say 900x78x21 or something like and a few bags of cup hooks. The ones I got are about 20mm long (the small in B&Q).

Home, pop the kettle on and get a brew made ... DIY is thirsty work :D

Plan out your rack - I went with the first pair of hooks 10mm off the end and left something like 40mm after the last pair. If I didn't have cats, I would have gone with the 900mm floor to ceiling, but I do ... so went with two 450mm lengths. Perfect, as my Brian Fontana-style aftershave cabinet is 45mm in length.

Draw out the dots on the back of the wood, say 30mm apart ... remember, 10mm from the bottom for the first pair. I went 50mm apart.

Drill, drill, drill, sup, drill, sup, sup, drill, drill, drill, sup ... wipe, screw in hooks, pop a few razors on, stand back and marvel. Congratulations! You now have a razor rack.

Take the hooks back off ... you didn't screw ALL of them in, did you?

Sand, sand, sand, varnish ... job jobbed.

I just have this last job to do and I'll have a nice rack, so to speak :blush: Well, two, so a nice pair, also :D

14 razors per rack, which is great because I can put all my straights and a few shavettes on one and build up my 7 day sets of Durham Duplex and perhaps Weck on the other rack ... or buy more straights.

I hope this has inspired ... or at least given you a giggle. Amateur, eh :icon_rolleyes:
I was talking to a pal about making some up to sell at vastly inflated prices on Etsy, but we got sidetracked into the ridiculous after mulling over a kit form (which is basically for folks too "indoors" to go down to B&Q) and onto the "Kit-Lite" ... which is simply the plan, instruction sheet and a list of materials so that the purchaser is entirely unconstrained from supplier :D

I have three new straights now ... just waiting for them to arrive, so my 16 space rack is now almost half full! On the other side, my shavettes, we're having to double up on a couple of rows now. I just can't seem to stop buying nice Wecks!

Now, back to these racks ...

Sort yourself out with a really nice piece of wood - any will do, so long as it is nice; a good shape, perhaps some driftwood, something that's really nice looking. Sand down the flat area for the razors and varnish it. Take an old strop and stick it down the middle with the hooks either side. Voila! Shaving themed "DeLuxe" version.