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Quick pass or leave it??

Discussion in 'DE Razors' started by Colin Stenburge, Thursday May 10, 2018.

  1. Hi all,
    I’m still new to DE shaving and enjoy it so much that I want to shave every 24 hours.
    On Tuesday night I had the closest shave ever with minimum injury.
    By the Wednesday evening my stubble was there but almost not enough to shave(because of the previous close shave)
    Today Thursday evening I’m ready for a shave.
    My question is, at 24 hours should I shave regardless to keep things in check or wait 24 hours till there is a bit stubble?
    Many thanks
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  2. Sabre


    I would let it rest, god knows how could your technique is? ;)
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  3. A DE will have no problems taking off a couple of days' growth so it’s not a problem to leave it if you need to.
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  4. Here's my two bob's worth..i personally shave every second day, saturday sunday,tuesday thursday. I could , and i should shave every day, but i don't because it feels better for me , also gives my skin a rest for the day.when i'm shaving 'I've trained my mind to shave the lather from my face, rather than the stubble' ..this has helped to stop adding pressure to the razor and irritation to my skin...give a try. Regards.;)
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  5. Roy


    Hi, I need to shave every day as my skin seems to suffer when my beard is longer. I don't know if others find that the second pass is much more comfortable than the first no matter what equipment is used. Sometimes, I shave twice a day and this is super comfortable, one super comfortable pass. Try it for a few days and see if it suits you.
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  6. SeanC


    I actually get a better shave if my stubble is longer, the underpinning theory being that there are less very short hairs to potentially pass under the blade.

    It could be seen as sacrilege to some, but when I have minimal growth, but need to look smart, a quick whizz round with a cartridge is sometimes the best option
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  7. Bogeyman


    So, your razor has you by the short hairs? :p :D ;)

    Seriously, there are two schools of thought regarding shaving every single day as prevention of ingrown hairs. One says that shaving every day prevents them and the other says it's best not to every day. YMMV.
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  8. Boru62


    Find out what's best for you.
    I shave seven days a week, on one of those days it's <24, on another it's >30.
  9. gile


    When I was starting to properly shave switching from Mach 3 with whom I shaved every five to six days I droped to shaving every three days. When my technique progresed enough and when I laid my hands on merkur progress I started to shave every day but eliminated third atg pass. For me putting criteria little lower and working on technique a bit more lead to awesome shaves every morning. I get at worst case clean shaved look but most of the time it is damn fine shave. I found that not going atg leave me with feeling on my skin like I was not driving sharp blade over my face hour ago. And another thing is that stublle grows just enough for next morning shave. In your case you need to find what suits you best meaning you get fine shave with minimum damage to your skin. It may take some time to find it but you will know when it happens.

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  10. Bogeyman



    This. ;)
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  11. Michlaustn


    I shave pretty much every day now unless i have a break out of acne. I do three passes with against the grain except for the top lip. I go against the grain on the top lip every two or three days.

    When I first started with a DE my skin was in a right state and I was only able to shave every three days or so. I have since got things under control with acne medication and finding the right face washes.

    If you find the right products which provide the right protection and recovery you might be able to go every day. One thing I need to be aware of is letting my hair grow too much as it starts to go back in on its self causing me issues.

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