Razzoor cheap wood handle silvertip

So since my holidays I've been considering a new brush to replace my wee 21cm Shavemac. I ended up coming across this site and the price was so low I ordered this walnut handled 23cm silvertip for €40.


It arrived today so I couldn't resist doing a quick shave. On first inspection it has a moderate backbone and appears dense as it hasn't bloomed. Was soft with a little scritch on the face. While shaving had a bit of badger smell but should die down. Punished it with my hard puck of DRH Windsor. Not luxurious but certainly soft, scrubby (time will tell), and no scritch. All in all it loaded up very admirably and seems a fine little brush so far.

Will post updates in a few weeks if anyone is interested.
BTW, been using this for a couple week and while it isn't scritchless it is a decent brush (especially considering the value). However, that said, not sure it really is wood. It's super-light and at the base of the handle is a depression and in the center was an imperfection. I picked at it and it didn't seem like wood but plastic. To look at it closely there is a porous nature you would expect from wood grain but not resin but I suppose this can be faked? I can try and post some macro pics (have a special lens for the phone) if anyone wanted to take a peek.