Rockwell 6s 1st outing

Having always sat back on the expensive options I eventually thought bu**er it, the wife has just paid £160 for a haircut ( not for the first time ) and that will need doing again in 6 weeks! So what about a stainless , recommended , razor that will last my lifetime ( what is left ) and several others. ??? After MUCH research went for the Rockwell and to really get my own back on her ( not ) , got a stand to go with it.

1st outing - went reasonably safe I thought with an Astra SP and setting 3.

1st pass , did not reach for the excited man tissues but maybe also had too much pre shave on which is an ongoing fault of mine.

2nd pass, Mmmmmm, like this.

3rd pass / clean up. Yes . I DO like this razor. It is something about the weight which is in no way lacking and it OOOOOOOZES quality.

Time will tell and I expect there is some experimenting to do here. Different blades, different 'settings'. That said, is it money well spent? Well NO, of course it is not . £125 for razor and stand is outrageous but hell , who cares. I can get a very nice shave with other equipment but ............................. life is short.
That said, is it money well spent? Well NO, of course it is not . £125 for razor and stand is outrageous but hell , who cares. I can get a very nice shave with other equipment but ............................. life is short.
You have highlighted the step most of us have taken in justifying a high-cost purchase.

Rockwell razors are decent - I thoroughly enjoyed the 6C when I had it. Enjoy the 6S! I'm sure you will :)

At the end of the day, your razor (at £35 less than the wife's haircut) will last longer than 6 weeks. ;)
Update. Took the 6s for a ride today on a 3 day beard ( not heavy ) with a brand new feather on a 3 setting. WOW on the first pass. Very impressive for a 1st and noticeably clean . Second pass ok. The clean up ( which includes a partial 3rd pass on the neck ) was fine but then of course there is always the one that you know as soon as you have done it will bleed like ferk . As it happens it was more than a weeper but actually sealed on the alum block pass so not that bad. Good swipe with the alum proved that most of the face needed it and the feedback was over most of the area.

Conclusion. VERY impressed. Nice shave. yes it tingled with the alum but so what if only the one nick and that was down to technique. This is a heavy razor and it takes a while to get used to using its weight as opposed to a bit of pressure. I used to have a 34c which was not light but this is different. I know the feathers have mixed reviews and they are more pricey than the others but at the moment a new feather in the 6s works for me. They are %$&)&_ sharp despite what people say otherwise. Will try them on different Rockwell settings and see how we go if anybody is interested.
I've owned the 6S for around four months and absolutely love it. I've tried all the plates and found the best for me, is plate 6 for all three passes.

I've tried quite a few combinations with it to (still have three or four more blades to try, Feather, Perma Sharp, Rockwell, Voskod), but I have found the two I like best so far are the Astra SP, Shark.

Personally I've found that even with using the most efficient/aggressive plate for all three passes. I get no irritation/razor burn, due to me not having to go over the same area anywhere near as much as I did with a lower number plate. Sometimes using a more efficient/aggressive razor, can give you less irritation/razor burn, than a milder one, due to it removing the need to go over the same area as much.

I really like the heavy weight of the 6S, as I find it much easier to use only the weight of it, and no pressure, as opposed to using a light weight razor and then having to use and remember how much pressure is needed to get the thing to shave, and shave comfortably.
OK. Yesterday went for the third use of the feather still on level 3. I NEVER shave 2 days in a row. Well never have since retiring. Went great for the first half but then the blade seemed to drop out and catch. Got a few very minor nicks that were easily sorted. I suppose I have now put too many variables into this when trying to assess the best blade and setting, simply by trying it 2 days in a row which I am not used to. Love the razor still though and I think the feathers are worth the extra money.

At this rate, normally shaving twice a week, the feathers would cost me £11 a year using one a week. Not bad. OK the Rockwell has broken the budget but hey ho, you cannot take it with you. ;)
Not such a great day today. 4 days growth. New feather. Level 6.
1st pass - VERY nice and noticeably smoother for a 1st pass . NO damage.
Was going to change level but thought no - crack on and see what happens.
2nd pass 4 significant bleeds . Persevered 3rd pass / clean up not too much more damage but was very careful.

Conclusion - still love the combination of the razor and the feathers but - have seen many have a routine of going level 6 to start then reduce with subsequent passes. On what I have experienced today I think that is worth a try.

Also had the opportunity to give some of Barts balms a whorl. I love them. Particularly the amber and jasmine but the experience was negated a touch by the original shave. Ended with a resort to some newly acquired proraso green balm and even then, not happy, had a smidge of the preshave as an after shave balm which really seems to be my go to for the finish at the moment. In fact I think I may have an issue with the Proraso pore shave green as I am quite happy to grab a smidge on passing at any time of the day.

Bored now? Only sharing in case anybody is interested or it helps.