after a 12 year bout of being teetotal, ive started having a drink again and im quite enjoying it. i think ive developed a taste for rum, the choice of rum seems to be better than i remember when i used to drink. anyone got any suggestions for good rum? thank you :)
Hi there,

From 1970 until around 2003 I couldn't stand the thought of drinking rum in any manner, having as an idiot kid poisoned myself using some in large amounts and getting pretty sick as a result. Then many years later I was calling on a customer who had a little bar tucked away in his office and he was going on about what a great rum he found and wanted to pour me some. I figured what the hell, I might as well give it another try and jeeez, it was tasty juice. Called Zaya, and from there I went on a kinda tasting tour of many rums in the sipping grade. Best one I tried was Ron Zacapa 23, but not far off from that and at much less cost was Zaya ending up as my runner up rum of choice.

Now though I can only suggest Zaya, since the Zacapa has I believe undergone a change. I recently compared the older version side by side with a newer bottle and the new stuff is not so hot. Still kinda expensive though....heh. Let me mention my journey ended 10 years ago as far as trying anything new and there's a bunch more to choose from.

You will find the Zaya amusing....look on some rum forums for other's their meat.

If I may just mention that a favorite tequila of mine suffered the same fate. I have been drinking this certain very hard to find brand for 12-15 years but now it's nothing like the older incarnations. Tasted a newer bottle recently and it was poor and it got returned. Saw on a tequila forum all the different versions reviews and this very recent one didn't have info I could find. Heh, they loved the older versions though.

Sheesh, that's enough blabbing for now,


Ohhhh, I just found some stuff about Zaya possibly changing things recently. Reviews are kinda mixed. Talking about two different labels telling which is which version. Sheesh.
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Something I keep meaning to get round to trying is a recipe I read online ages ago and can no longer find. Navy cointreau. From memory you take a bottle of navy rum, drink a third and fill with orange peel and sugar. Give it a daily shake and top up over a few weeks/months.
Just a bit dubious about wasting good rum!
Anyone tried anything similar?