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Sample packs

Discussion in 'DE Blades' started by Vinny67, Friday January 12, 2018 at 09:11.

  1. Vinny67


    I bought a sample pack of 50 blades from ebay as I was new to D E shaving, so I could find my go to blade in this sample pack, there was Wilkinson sword, shark ss, super-max ss, perma-sharp, derby extra ss, astra ss, astra sp, bluebird ss and prime platinum.
    I have enjoyed shaving with the Wilkinson sword, super-max, perma-sharp, astra ss and sp, and prime platinum. But I haven't enjoyed using the derby extra or the shark ss.
    Then I tried the bluebird ss and had some great bbs shaves, I looked on the Internet about them and some people are saying that they are re-branded derby's.
    Is this true? And if so how can two blades be so different if they are the same blade?
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  2. Some people say that Elvis is still alive and working in a chip shop! :)
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  3. Mbarn


    Even using all the same equipment and technique can give a different shave. Things such as skin condition, amount of water in lather etc. can make the difference in quality and comfort of shave using the same blade.
    Experience helps with consistency, and ability to spot the issue.

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  4. Roy


    Connaught do excellent sample packs.i liked the one which included feather and Gillette silver blue. Use the preferred razor when testing the blades. Derby and treet were the worst and I have never liked feather except but uncomfortable. Best for me by far is Astra and Gillette Silver Blue. Comfortable and sharp. Do prepare a good lather.

    Everyone is different with blades and reviews of blades are a guide only.
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  5. Mbarn


    I’ve not tried Derby, but the rest of your feedback on blades matches my opinion as well. Probably why I have 100 GSB and only 1 feather in my blade selection.

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