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Shave Lounge discount code... is there one?

Discussion in 'General Shaving' started by DevonStan, Sunday March 12, 2017.

  1. I tried SR10 but it doesn't work. Is there a current one?
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  2. I was told that they have scrapped that discount code as it was being shared on money saving / deal websites and was being misused by non forum members.

    They're currently looking into a new way to offer discount for forum members, but I'm not sure how it will be offered or when that will be up and running.
  3. Post now edited. Please refer to Shave Lounge for code.
    Last edited: Tuesday March 14, 2017
  4. Rohleder


    Thats a shame... I used it only 2 weeks ago and it worked.
  5. Riggs


    Last time I ordered more than £150 which was 3 weeks ago did not work for me as well. Not sure if there is any other discount code atm.
  6. Could you PM me the code please DevonStan?
  7. riverrun


    Welcome to TSR, @Northern Monkey. Great first post! :rolleyes:
  8. Oomer


    Wow lol
  9. Subtle:p
  10. Apologies guys, I didn't mean to be so short. I just stumbled across this thread before I put my order into Shave Lounge for my first order. As it was for over £120 I guess I was just in a rush. Apologies for making a bad first impression
  11. In case this topic becomes inappropriate I've amended my earlier post. Maybe best to approach Shave Lounge direct from hereonin to ask if they will give a code.
  12. Hey guy

    We all make mistakes, we're human and not perfect after all :(
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  13. Neilo


    I spoke to Anthony at the Shave Lounge a couple of weeks ago, and he said they were looking into creating a group to allow members of TSR a discount and that they would update in due course . . . .
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  14. Greetings fellow shavers. I don't normally post as I'm still learning the art, but I'm personally disappointed that the code has been removed. I've only been DE shaving for about 9 months and between 4 or 5 sites I've spent well over £1,000 ! A lot of that has been because I felt the sites were generous enough to give something back to this loyal community and so I've given them good business in return - it's a win win for both parties. They get high spending repeat business and we get a discounted price better than elsewhere. If they are going to take that away I'll reconsider where I spend my hard earn money on this hobby. Just my 2 pence worth, but it a relationship between client and company that should work for both sides
  15. JohnnyO


    Keep posting now you've started Bill, we're all still learning. I'd been shaving around half a century before I discovered single edge razors because of this forum and I'm still gratefull.

    JohnnyO. o/
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  16. Have you mentioned this to Anthony,...I find SL very appreciative of forum members and valued customers,...if you get my drift.
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  17. Thanks for your encouragement JohnnyO - you've already got me posting again!
    And to FarCry, I did indeed contact SL to inquire as to what of their plans - yes, to be fair Anthony did send a gracious reply and offered a discount to be manually applied post ordering. Furthermore, they are developing a new site with a discount will be made available to TSR soon (~2 weeks).
    So, I accept I was hasty (and grouchy) at the time of my previous post - frustration set in when I couldn't get my shaving fix satisfied!
    However, this community and B&B have been a great learning resource to me, which I'm very grateful for. I am a convert to DE shaving for life now - only wish I had known about it 20 years ago.
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  18. Great bit of information thanks. :)

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