Shaving and smoking

I have been DE shaving for the best part of 3 years. I have very much got the hang of it - for over a year I have been getting entirely nick free shaves.

6 weeks ago I completely stopped smoking. Over the last few weeks I have been getting more nicks and weepers.

Could this be associated? Is my blood thinner now I do not smoke and thus weeps more obviously?

Any thoughts?
I think there are lots factors can cause nicks and cuts, I have been using straight razors and de since 2006 and I smoke occasionally in summer at the weekends with a drink and I don't think smoking affects shaving. However after quitting if you feel that you get nervous easier and quicker, find concentrating more difficult could be the causes.
Firstly, a huge well done for quitting cigarettes.
Secondly, as has been alluded to above, you may still be having withdrawal symptoms which is making a you a bit more on edge than usual, I’m guessing this will get easier with time and normal service will be resumed.
Keep up the good work with not smoking.

Your's truly.
I am not sure why.....but my partner (who is a nurse) would claim that the skin of someone who is a heavy smoker ages quicker. Most noticable on the neck.
I’m glad I’m not alone Brian.
The thing I most noticed when I gave up smoking was that things tasted much sweeter. Orange juice, for instance, tastes sickly sweet to me these days. I can’t drink it at all.
First thing that popped to mind was a lack of nicotine in your system following quitting. Perhaps a lack of stimulant is causing lack of reaction to stimulus (in this case touch/pressure when shaving) so causing more sporadic nicking?
Just a hypothesis! :) congrats on quitting!
There's nothing better for me than to do a late night shave when everybody's a sleep and smoke a cigarette after it in peace and quiet. I know, I should quit but I am risking all those nicks and cuts from shaky hands so I can't quit :) :)

P. S. Congrats on quitting. Don't think your blood thining has anything to do with nicks...

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