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shaving sides of mouth

Discussion in 'Shaving Help' started by Michlaustn, Monday September 11, 2017.

  1. Hello,

    So I am having issues when shaving with the sides of my mouth. They seem to be pretty stubborn when trying to get something resembling smooth. I frequently seem to knick them and its causes a lot of irritation, this tents to lead on to small spots occurring.

    I try just to go with the grain in this area as going against the grain or across the grain seems to worsen things. I usually stick to no more than two passes in the area. Whether I used an alcohol based aftershave or a balm makes no difference to the recovery.

    How do you guys deal with this area? Do you have any tips in how to deal with this issue. I am still very new to using a DE razor so my technique will certainly be part of the problem along with still experimenting to find the blade that works best for me. Though I had the issue when using disposable and multi-blade cartridges so it is not completely down to my inexperience with a DE.

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  2. When you get to the side of you mouth stick your tongue on the inside and push out slightly, you should find you will get a much better pass leaving you smoother in that area. Give it a go and let me know how you get on. P.
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  3. I already do that, I have also tried with my mouth open stretching the skin tight and flat.
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  4. Make like a puffa fish and blow air into the front of your mouth.
  5. Ok, well thanks for getting back to me, good luck. I'm sure you will get more helpful advice given with a smile :)
  6. I might just leave the area and when people ask say it is a new trendy style, I just need a catchy name for it.
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  7. Could try a little oil there, either on its own or under lather.
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  8. Try a different blade and see if you get the same result or not.

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  9. Do you mean use oil only on that area? I currently use pre shave cream all over my face which I got with my starter kit. I do have some oil coming at the end of the month with my monthly subscription so perhaps that might help.
  10. I only have a few types of blades at the moment so my choice is limited. I need to expand my selection more.
  11. It can be any oil, whatever you have lying around – baby oil, sesame oil, olive oil, ghee, vaseline, an oil-based moisturiser... Just use a couple of drops.
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  12. Bogeyman


    This is where a milder razor excels. ;)
  13. Boru62


    Simo whiskas?
    Everything I could think of has been suggested, I use the gently pushing with the tongue method.
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  14. Benz3ne


    "The Catfish" - perfect name, especially if you grow them out. ;)

    In seriousness, what's worked best for me is pursing my lips then opening my mouth. Creates a flat, taught piece of skin perfect for approaching the sides of my mouth in a WTG fashion. Good tip would be to learn where the blade meets the skin as you make finer passes, i.e. if you were to shape stubble with the razor, how would you go about it? Learning that as I've gone along has helped, as I know where the blade will meet my skin, so I know where I can avoid my lips or looser skin in the vicinity.
  15. You should have quite a variety of blades landing through your letterbox today to try...;)

    Have you tried opening your mouth and stretching your skin with your spare hand while very gently shaving the area affected? Flatten the skin as much as possible to accept the razor, (If you know what I mean.)
    Just a thought and hope this helps.

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