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Shelf life of aftershave

Discussion in 'After Shave / Cologne' started by neilwf, Tuesday July 4, 2017.

  1. neilwf


    I've found a half full bottle of Old Spice (the mark of a man), in the back of a cupboard. It's got to be fifteen years old, it smells OK (as I remember it). Is it likely to do me any harm?
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  2. Not that i'm a expert in the field of aftershaves, but i assume it'll be perfectly ok, because of the Alcohol content..especially a vintage 15 years of age Old spice one!..very nice indeed.;)..push the boat out ,and give your chops a generous splash with it!. however, if there is a reaction and you end up with a face like a" baboons arse" don't blame me for recommending using it though.:p
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  3. No, I've got one from the 50s and still occasionly use it with no reactions.
    It's about 90% alcohol so will not be harbouring anything nasty :)
  4. Liocer


    I think you'd be okay, the high alcohol content should keep it safe.
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  5. shaunwistow


    I think you'll have a serious reaction to it. I'd recommend sending it to me & I will dispose of it for you free of charge :p

    I've got a bottle from the mid 80's, spot on
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  6. neilwf


    Thanks one and all for the help. I've tried it,it smells different to new Old Spice (I've used it for years). Is it a change in recipe or a maturing process.
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  7. The shelf life changes from aftershave to aftershave, they are not all same, also depends on the bottle, how it has been stored etc..
    Old Spice aftershaves have a very long shelf life, I bought a70's or 80's OS from a carboot and it is good, found a full bottle from 50's or 60's which is still good. Old Brut by Faberge still good.
    Aramis a/s splash don't know how old but can't be very old gone off badly.
    Velerio a/s 2 years old, colour gone dark and gone off.
    Vintage Denim original still good, Denim Tornado don't know vintage or modern and still good.
    Vintage Hai Karate gone off badly..
    Generally speaking it depends on lots of factors but Old Spice seems to be very durable, perhaps it is the ingredients or it is the bottle and the lid or perhaps both.
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  8. The new Old Spice is a reformulation and really is not the same as the Shulton Old Spice of old. The old Old Spice is by far the best imo.
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  9. dmpl


    I heartily agree
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  10. Sabre


    Hai Karate always smelled like that :D
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  11. An enduring image!
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  12. I always store my aftershave in the box it came in. I read somewhere that aftershave and perfume should be kept in dark places away from the light
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  13. pjgh


    It's mostly alcohol ... used for preserving? The only thing that will have gone off, as such, is the scent ... but proper aftershaves were well scented and it'll still blow the doors off most of today's offerings!

    Nah! Good to go ...

    Loads of us rock vintage soap and aftershave.

    Congratulations! It's a good 'un and well sought after ... or was your post intended to (whistles away) innocently let it out that you "just happened" upon a bottle? :D

    Red top or white top? Inquiring minds need to know ...
  14. I bought a bottle two days ago and thought it wasn't as strong a scent as yrs ago. I like it thought, brings me back. Hope your comfortable with your straight. I'll be using mine for 5th shave later - getting easier.
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  16. Thanks, I wondered if it was my fading memory. The new stuff is not as strong
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