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Should I get an adjustable razor?

Discussion in 'DE Razors' started by Pepperpot, Wednesday May 23, 2018.

  1. nick_s

    nick_s Moderator Staff Member

    It's worth while experimenting. I had the same itch a while back and purchased a Merkur Futur. I wanted to avoid one in my earlier years of wet shaving so as not to keep 'tweaking' the settings and keep variables to a minimum.

    I now love the Futur on every setting. It suits every growth level I have and is a sheer pleasure to use. I have no doubt you'll feel the same about your Progress before long.
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  2. I know that I will.
    Call me a convert now :)
  3. Try the fatboy passaround
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  4. I joined the list for the fatboy-passaround, but it will take some time until it is my turn.

    I am really happy with the Merkur Progress so far and I like it a lot. For daily shaving, the maximum setting seems to be "2" to be comfortable. At 2,5 I start to get some razorburn.
    So thank you for the good advice!

    Tomorrow I will try it with my first feather blade.
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  5. I couldn't come to terms withe Futur and tended to keep it on the same setting anyway. But I do know others love them so I can't say anything negative for them. Just not for me.
  6. I have a Futur clone and a Gillette Slim Adjustable - on maximum they are about the same, but the RJ41 open combe is what I need.

    The Slim is a nice experience, but doesn't do the job, so I stick with the R41.
  7. BillS


    I purchased a Ming-Shi, and enjoy it as a technical challenge on a Saturday. I do find that the blade is not as well held in place in this razor as in a Rockwell 6 or EJ D89. It seems to 'judder' a little which feels disconcerting. I wonder if a proper Futur would suffer the same problems?
  8. I can't get my moustache area shaved proper with thick heads on TTOs. I can't imagine shaving at all with a Futur, Progress or Vision.

    I bought Fatip OC Grande (more aggressive) and Testina Gentile (milder) for either occasion. Waiting for the new Fatip Testina Inclinata slant to hit the shops this fall/winter to complete my Fatip "adjustable" solution.
  9. jmudrick


    In that regard I don't detect any difference.
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  10. BillS


    Thanks @jmudrick. In that case, I won't bother with a purchase. For once the site as *saved* me money!
  11. Ferry-shave


    As every YMMV.

    My first DE was the Merkur VISION; disaster - did not know what I was doing and poor technique.

    Today, I love shaving with the Rex Ambassador - I walked into the Gentlemans Groom Room in Dundee, Ian kindly put one in my hand and it felt good, look good and the next day it shaved good.

    Like many things with DE/SE shaving - its what works for you; what you look for in shave.

    I say, focus on what you like about shaving then try and get the hardware/software to match.

    All the best and good luck,

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  12. Dansco


    No, dont get one, waste of money (see my previous post)...

    Said the bloke who recently purchased a replated fatboy. Its nice though.
  13. I am still pretty happy with the Merkur Progress and I am testing different blade setups. I am also looking forward to test the fatboy soon. This pass around is a great opportunity.
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  14. pooley


    going to try an adjustable razor to see if it can improve my shaving experience.
    so i have ordered one of them Qshave/Ming-Shi jobbies that are for buttons..
    having used just a EJ D89 for years im quite looking forward to it :)
  15. A quick note for those following this thread, while the Qshave and Ming-Shi razors are the same razor, Qshave does some additional quality control checking. Many people find the Ming-Shi has problems with blade alignment. Qshave usually catches the bad ones before they go out....

    It is no secret that I like adjustable razors. :) I've tried a lot of them and a Merkur Progress was my daily driver for years. I think the Variant addresses most of the annoying aspects of the Progress and I put away my Progress in favor of the Variant (I do think the Variant is slightly more aggressive than the Progress, but not enough to be of concern to me. Then I tried an Ambassador and put the Variant away (though I still recommend the Variant given its price. The Ambassador is, obviously, quite expensive).

    I have a Qshave Futur clone and their new TTO adjustable coming....
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  16. From the four adjustable I own the Rockwell 6c is probably my favourite. I do find the super adjustable to be very close to my daily driver the Krona and the Progress too aggressive.
  17. wayne_m


    Having just aquired a Rex Ambassador as my first adjustable I can see the appeal. I bought it initially as a travel option, my thoughts were I could enjoy a really close shave on my first evening then dial it down to make for a safe shave without fear of nicks as the only time I shave daily is when I'm away. The Rex is much more than this though. It is a fine shaver, not without it's faults, no razor is. It does drag a little and this tends to suck the skin into the razor which then allows the blade to be in more contact than you would think even in low settings.
    I hope I continue to explore the razors settings though as if I find the setting I prefer and leave it there then there isn't much point in it being adjustable which most shavers ultimately will.
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  18. rawfox1


    I totally agree with what you're saying I find the Rex to be a beautifully made razor and shaves very well but it does drag a little bit on the face and it's not as smooth as some of my other razors

    Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
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  19. wayne_m


    Try a shallower angle so as not to ride the top cap on your skin. It may help.
  20. rawfox1


    I appreciate your assistance Saying this with all humility, I am a very experienced shaver and it takes me literally no time to find the proper angle on any razor straight or DE, having said this shaving at the proper angle and most efficient where works best for me there is drag on this razor

    Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk

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