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Slightly sharper than Red Personna?

Discussion in 'DE Blades' started by Fido, Wednesday September 13, 2017.

  1. Fido


    Platinum Chrome actually. It's about eight years since I bought a blade. Just three 10s left. I'm saving hard. I wonder if I might try a slightly sharper blade. Tried Feather once. Took days to recover.
    So come on TSR help out the old timer with a few suggestions. Just a tad sharper mind.

    Quite like old times.
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  3. Geofnay


    Personna Lab Blues would, I reckon, be a step up from the Reds if you wanted to stay loyal to the brand - I've lots of them and Med Preps too :rolleyes:
    Then there's the Gillette St Petersburg offerings.
    Connaught's will throw up a nice big list of DE blades to investigate - click DE blades twice, rather than individual manufacturers, if you want the whole list.
    As one of your previous purchasers ;) I'd be happy to send you a range of what I have to try - I won't use my arsenal in my lifetime. I would struggle to find your address now, so a PM would be welcome.
    PS - nice to see you back, Peter; I always enjoyed your brush reviews.
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  4. Fido


    Many thanks. I'll give the Lab Blues a try.
  5. donnie_arko


    You can buy blades individually at Razor Blades Club and IMO it's good to try different brands and types. I'd recommend trying at least two of each type of blade.

    In comparison to the to the Personna Platinum Chrome I find the some of Gillette blades to be similar in smoothness with a bit more sharpness which include the Nacet, Permasharp SS, 70C Green & Polsilver, but as ever YMMV.
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  6. Bogeyman


    Fido, since you & I both are dedicated Tech users I can only suggest a sampler pack of modern Gillette blades as one therein will surely be your "money" blade. Try several at your leisure. ;)
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