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SOTD : Saturday 10th February - Friday 16th February 2018.

Discussion in 'Shave of the Day' started by Palmolive fox, Saturday February 10, 2018.

  1. Ferry-shave


    Tuesday's shave of the day :)

    Pre-shave - Warm shower, followed by Wright's Cold Tar Soap, followed by Murdock London Pre-Shave Oil.
    Soap - Cella.
    Brush - Simpsons Chubby 2 - Synthetic.
    Razor - Colonial; The General Black.
    Blade - Kai Captain (Pink) mild (day 4).
    Post - Cold water splash, followed by Floid Vigoroso Aftershave.

    An identical shave recipe, compared to Monday with the exception of the addition of the Murdoch Pre-Save Oil.

    It was notably, harder to get a 'creamy' face lather going today with the Cella - possibly the oil?

    The end result was still excellent: a 2 pass shave WTG and ATG, with a DFS+ finish. One small nick, when I went over a spot.

    My skin still feels great with the smallest whiff of Floid, some 12+ hours later.

    All the best,

  2. Digimonkey


    Sotd - Tuesday - 13/2/18

    Razor - Micromatic OC brass
    blade - Gem (3)
    brush - Maseto 30mm silver tip
    soap - Fitjar Fjellheim cream
    post - witch hazel
    a/s - Nivea Sensitive alcohol free.

    Result - nice.

    Taking off three day's growth. Let's go from the Vergulde Hand of the last shave, to pretty much the opposite end of the soap spectrum - price wise anyway - Fitjar. Thanks to our own @Blackmass - I had the opportunity to try a sample of the Havn cream previously - and remembered it to be very good indeed but the scent was weird - not in a bad way - just not like any other cream I had used. I'm not entirely sure why but I took a notion to order the sample set from the manufacturer. Four small tubs - 20 ML each - of their range. They do an unscented one too but it's not included. It took five days from Norway - unmolested by C&E and the Post Office. I went for the Fjellheim first off. The scent descriptions on the maker's website are wonderfully gushing - have a look - in this case - quoting - 'Makes you feel like you are in the mountains, no matter where you are,' and continues - 'the landscape there is rough and exposed; the wind shapes everything that grows,' we learn. 'Our Fjellheim products make you feel like you are passing a stack of freshly cut timber logs,' - which in fairness to Fitjar - is true for me. Speaking as one that spent a couple of years in their youth cutting commercial timber for a living - that is exactly what it reminded me of. They blow it at the end though - 'juniper bushes when hiking, or like you have been rolling in these bushes on your way through the mountain.' Sounds like a first class way to destroy an expensive Goretex jacket. Anyway - it works really well for me - very concentrated, mollifying the price some what - a lovely 'natural' scent that opens out on lathering - a mixture of Pine, Cedarwood and Juniper essential oils. Not the strongest but not the weakest. Top tier post shave feel and slickness during the shave. Give it a go if that sounds good to you. I very much enjoyed the shave - 'otter jevn' - as they say in Norway. Hope yours are all good - yours - I.

    Oh - I liked the fact that when it arrived from Norway - other than the plastic tubs - all the rest of the packaging was paper or cardboard - no foam 'Wotsits' or bubble wrap. This is good but before I bum up my 'Blue Planet' credentials - I subsequently realised I could have bought it from Executive Shaving - a 30 minute walk from my flat in Glasgow. Didn't think that through.
  3. Beautifully put Stephen!
  4. Digimonkey


    Eloquent words indeed Dr Giddens - world renowned expert in the study of Freezology - but do you not think that the final stray comment by @Scotshave - 'I can’t wait to use this in warmer climes,' shows how much - and at the same time - how little he has learned from the course? I think that in order that his degree award doesn't go from a First to a 'Desmond' - he should be required to find out what happens when you mix Floid Mentally Vigorous with the Alcolado Glacial? I've often thought about this but without the help of a chemistry set and a bio-hazard suit I haven't been man enough to try. Apart from anything else - what colour would it go? Ha ha - yours - I.
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  5. Scotshave


    Ah...the sound of a shaving gauntlet being thrown down! The Mentally Vigorous and the Alcolado!! I feel like an H.P. Lovecraft protagonist on the cusp of glimpsing some potentially mind-blowing other cosmos.

    I’ll await a night when the moon is gibbous...and eldritch things stir in the woods to complete my journey and open the door...
  6. Scotshave


    I thank you, Sir <doffs hat>
  7. Digimonkey


    Ha ha ha - I knew you'd fall for it. I should have thought that the moon should be waning though - like the feeling in your chin - your ability to scream out. To paraphrase a Lovecraft title - 'At the Shave Den of Madness.' Ah - that was set in the Antarctic wasn't it? Go for it mate - you have nothing to lose other than your speech, lips, nose and ...... sanity. You're going to look like Robert Falcon Scott after an ill judged bash at skinny dipping. Ha ha. - Yours - I.
  8. Scotshave


    Yup. ‘At the Mountains (Shave Den) of Madness’ is, indeed, the novella set in the Antarctic. ;)
  9. Tuesday shave of the night 13/02/18:


    ️Tabac Shave Stick️Razzor Blue Silvertip️Polsilver SI (1)️Gillette Black Handle Super Speed W2, birth year and quarter️Tabac Aftershave Balm

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    Last edited: Wednesday February 14, 2018
  10. Weean


    Gillette gel/Gillette Super Blue (Tech)/Big Ben(#1)

    After wasting a couple of days with a Voskhod in this razor (I like the blade, just not here) I swap out for a somewhat more aggressive Big Ben, and am immediately rewarded.

    Still not a great shave - I need to develop my technique with this razor - but a vast improvement.
  11. culcreuch


    Wednesday 14th February

    Olive Oil Soap
    Vitos Pre Shave Cream
    TFS Ciotola Gialla Soap
    Omega 10065 Boar Brush
    Ikon SBS with a Treet Tez Carbon Steel Blade on a Windrose Handle
    Alum Block and Rinse
    Homemade Buttermix
    Sierran Breeze AS
    Oud Wood and Dark Vanilla Fragrance

    Treet seem to have introduced come new Carbon Steel Blades...coated and as 'cheap as chips'. I restrict myself to 2 shaves with a blade and then bin it. The Tez blades have been good in any DE I have used to date....both sharp and smooth. As always.....YMMV.

    3 passes for a wonderful smooth shave:)
    Last edited: Wednesday February 14, 2018
  12. bozz4fun



    Pre - Shower
    Brush - Yaqi - Tuxedo - Fan - 26mm
    Soap - Mystic Water - Prospect Creek
    Razor - ATT SE1
    Blade - Kai Captain
    Post - Proraso - Eucalyptus & Menthol
    AS - Meissner T - Strong´n Scottish

    Happy Shaving
  13. Waylander


    Greetings All,

    Wednesday shave

    One day’s growth and warm shave

    Preparation – Showered then face washed with Clique Liquid facial soap (mild)
    Soap: P&B Citra Royale
    Razor: Rockwell 6C (4P)
    Blade: Lord Super Chrome (3rd)
    Brush: RazoRock 400 (face lather)

    Post Shave: Hot then cold water rinse, Alum, C&E West Indian Lime ASB followed by Michael Kors EDT.

    Lord Super Chrome Test
    Day 3

    If darn was yesterday’s word of disappointment, today’s could not be written down else it would be censored. What a horror of a shave. Several weepers, but no nicks even though the blade attempted to hack at my lip again. I am not sure if it’s the Chrome coating, but this blade that started out with promise may be the first . . . dare I say it . . . that does not complete the 4 days test.

    Alum rub burned like an acid bath and my skin was not happy – ouch. Tomorrow may be interesting. . . will the TOBS slickness save the shave?



    AND HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY - did you remember to get the other half something? I have 12 white large white (representing years together) and 2 red large roses (our 2 boys) being delivered to the Boss. :cool:
  14. image.jpg Keeping it real.....Blademonkeys Birthday Shave.

    FEB 14th

    Prep ~ Shower, birch Tar Soap
    Razor ~ Blackland Sabre L2
    Blade ~ Gem SS Coated
    Soap ~ Klar Kabinett
    Brush ~ Omega 011829 (Boar)
    Post ~ BBA PSB
    Scent ~ Nishane Afrika Olifant

    A wonderful shave, smooth skinned and smelling great.

    Have a nice day but let's keep it real! :) P.
  15. Waylander


    Happy Birthday, @Blademonkey :D
  16. Benz3ne


    Penblwydd Hapus Blademonkey! Hope you have a good one my friend.
  17. I will Ben :) Many thanks, Paul.

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