SOTD : Saturday 18th August - Friday 24th August 2018.

Mon 20th Aug
RazoRock Plissoft 22mm
P & B Pall Mall
PAL S/S Adjustable
Schick Proline [ 7 ]
Myrsol Antesol A/S Lotion

After using the Supply SE I chose to use the PAL, whose looks may have influenced the design of the the Supply. For a long time the PAL was my favourite Injector confined to the use of a single blade.
The Shave was very enjoyable and the overall Shave finish good. I am finding that these days I am enjoying using the larger AC/SE razors which cover more ground per stroke, as I have no problems using them in even the awkward places.
It was my first use of the Pall Mall which lathered well, but i found the scent a bit hard to work out as it seemed rather weak.

Prep: Shower / Nivea Deep Cleansing Face Wash
Razor (on loan) iKon B1 Deluxe open comb on ATT Colossus handle
Blade: Polsilver Lodz
Brush: Muhle STF
Cream: T&H Ultimate Comfort
Bowl: Executive Shaving handmade
Post: Barts Balm Peppermint Oil aftershave balm

First of 2 weeks of holiday shaves, and my first ever open comb shave, kindly on loan from @Satanfriendly really love the ATT SS handle, tried to show respect to the OC head and it wasn’t that scary really though I did get a couple of nicks which I think were just me catching small bumps that were already there anyway. Felt very nice though the lighting in my holiday home bathroom is garbage, and the room gets virtually no natural light. It did feel like I was smooth for a couple of hours longer than normal though which is good.

Date: 21 August 2018

Pre-shave:- Cold Water straight from the tap
Brush:- Platypus P&C LE 2017 24mm Manchurian White
Soap/Cream:- Barrister & Mann ~ Leviathan
Razor/Blade:- Karve 'D' / Vintage NOS Gillette Super Stainless (spoiler) #6
Post-shave:- Thayers Witch Hazel & Tea Tree Oil / Lucky Tiger Aftershave & Face Tonic / Lucky Tiger Face Moisturizer
Fragrance:- Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male

SOTD : 21st August 2018.


Shaving recipe for today.

Prep: Warm shower:/ L'OREAL~ Hydra Sensitive Birch Sap Shower Gel.


Pears ~ Transparent Mint Extracts Glycerin Soap. /Bloom Water.

warm wet flannel to my face.

Brush: Erasmic ~ Pure Bristle.

Bowl Lather.

Soap: Cella.

Blade: Personna~Gem PTFE coated (5)

Razor: Ever-Ready 1912. (Eng)

Warm wet flannel/ cold wet flannel to rinse my face.


Cold Water Face Rinse./ Homemade Lime, Lemon+Peppermint Oil & Menthol Crystals Witch Hazel Mixture./ The Real Shaving Co.~Post Shave Soothing Balm.

Geoffrey Beene ~ Grey Flannel A/S.


The performance of the E-R 1912 razor felt amazingly efficient with the fifth and final use of the Gem PTFE blade, it feels more slighty more efficient than my 1912,(USA) but with the same smoothness. efficiency is important with a razor/blade match, but equally important for me personally, is smoothness. The Personna Gem PTFE Blade seems to be really suited to my skin type, i haven't get tried other SE blades,which is something i'll will do in the future, but for now i'll stick with the Personna GemPTFE coated blades. Another excellent smooth efficient 3 pass sublime shave with no errors to report...

Finishing the shave off with a generous splash of Geoffrey Beene ~ Grey Flannel A/S lotion...Wonderful stuff.

My face is feeling smooth refreshed, & smelling devine.

Enjoy your day, ladies & gentlemen.