SOTD : Saturday 25th August - Friday 31st August 2018

31 August

1st SOTD
Pre: warm water
Soap: Tabula Rasa: Abraka Barber
Brush: Razorock 24mm Bruce plissoft
Razor: Fatip piccolo (first use)
Blade: Gillette Nacet (3)
Post: Proraso white balm
EDT: Armani Code

Fatip piccolo was not anywhere near as aggressive as I expected. I will try a Feather next time.

Thanks for reading, have a good day everyone.
Proceed with caution, if you do. An assertive razor with a blade which is, shall we say...keen can be a lethal combination.
Fri 31st Aug
Vintage v Modern SE- 50/50 Shave

RazoRock Plissoft 22mm
P & B Citrus Royale
A. LH side, ATT SE-G modified base plate + Gem S/S [ 3 ]
B. RH side, Ever Ready Streamline + Gem S/S [ 3 ]
Pitralon Classic A/S Lotion

Decided that another head to head with this Razors was in order , while the blades were in good condition. This time used the modified SE-G on my more hard to Shave RH side , and noted it took longer to get an ultra close finish than with the Streamline yesterday. The Streamline completed the Shave with ease , and I was more than pleased with the whole Shave, not only ultra close all round but obtained fault free with no post Shave irritation.

Please note that I am not reporting on a Shave with an original ATT SE-G , which has not worked for me. I have been using one with a modified base plate, crafted by Paul @Blademonkey who also was dissatisfied with the performance of the original. On balance I prefer my favourite Vintage SE as it is slightly more aggressive and provides a quicker Shave , and I find the blade loading and securing of the top cap on the SE-G a bit awkward at times. My Streamline cost a lot less than a SE-G, and though not S/S is likely to last a lifetime. Perhaps ATT have now got their latest SE-G to perform, but IMHO is unlikely to be better than your favourite Vintage SE.

I have had a fun week using this Razor so well modified by Paul, that it does provide more than a decent Shave
for someone with my tough beard like mine.