SOTD: Saturday 7th July -Friday 13th July 2018.

Fri 13th July
Omega 11137
Alu. Hawk/ Windrose Handle
Schick Proline ( 1 )
Pitralon Classic A/S Lotion

My 5th Shave with an AC/SE Razor this week.I seem to have developed the light touch needed to get these Razors to work. Am now getting smooth and comfortable Shaves every time with these Razors,and the quality of finish for me outshines that I get with my other types.

RazoRock 400
Vitos Red Extra Super
Rockwell 6C plate 3
Astra SP (2)
Lavender witch hazel (home mix)
Floid Mentally Vigorous Aftershave

Straight forward and fuss free shave to end my working week.
It's dawned on me that I have used synthetic brushes exclusively for weeks. I'm visiting my son tomorrow, so I'll get my YaqI 2 Band back off him. (He assures me it's fully broken in now)!!
Picked up the Stirling MITA witch hazel today from the post office. Wow the stuff is good, I wanted the aftershave but could not source it. I am using the witch hazel on it's own as an aftershave and it seems to protect well. The cooling is not as strong as the soap, but surprisingly the scent does last a while. I gave it a splash on my skin a few hours ago before the shave and it seemed to last around two hours.

I think I will definitely be buying it again.

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