Surprise Surprise

Yesterday I received my Yaqi High Mountain White brush. In the package was includes a razor head. First look it seems like 89 clone and I almost put it aside.
Today I decided to give it a try.
Wow. It's not 89 clone. Very smooth but so efficient. One of the best shaves i have.
Some of the razors in my my collection that cost 50 times more did not shave so well.
I'm still in shock.
32779995_10156475131899216_8984664244238680064_n.jpg 32857200_10156475131904216_5054884449615872000_n.jpg
As you can see in the picture the geometry is the same the combs are different
From the picture it looks like the lower baseplates of both have some slight differences, the indentations (or closed combs, is that the right term?) of the Yaqi look a lot more rounded than the Yintal - looks like an intentional feature of the design.

Both razor heads look great in these pictures though.