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Tales From The Dark Side :)

Discussion in 'Cartridge (System) & One-piece Disposable Razors' started by mantic59, Monday February 12, 2018.

  1. I like to think of this article as "tales from the dark side!" :) Plus I think the article is relevant to this forum: Will King of King Of Shaves writes about some of the technologies that go into today's modern razor cartridges, other than blade count.

    Will and I became acquainted on Twitter a few years ago and we've had some really interesting discussions over that time. Personally, I've always thought the idea of a pivot in a razor is a sound one, and there are even some single-blade razors that have them (OneBlade, Focus Dynamic, Gillette Guard, etc.). TL;DR--

    Five things are key:
    • The blade edge and coating.
    • How the blades are held in the cartridge, and the exposure/spacing between them.
    • The ability of the cartridge to maintain contact with the skin at the pivot point.
    • The inclusion of a lubricating strip to aid glide and comfort.
    • Skin Tensioners & Edging Trimmers.
    Gillette’s Sensor nailed all of these key attributes, and the introduction of Mach3 in 1998 further reinforced Gillette’s dominance.
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  2. Very good article. However what made me chuckle was the fact was that Will called out all the other brands using others blades. He even talked about his previous business with Kai but forgot to mention that his current offerings in the Cartridge market are the Retro4 which actually is the BIC 4 comfort carts on their own handle and the KOS5 which is the MERS T- Series/Taranis Futur5. Cheeky of you Will lol
  3. Sabre


    The EasyFit3 and the Hydro3 are not the same cart. The EasyFit3 is the Hydro3 Mk1.
    He hasn't revealed why they parted company with Kai. I never understood why they didn't just distribute Kai products. That's his second partnership that has fallen through.
    First Remington aka Spectrum Brands and now Kai. If they split in 2015, they took a very long time to move their existing stock.
  4. Rufus


    Very good article. After using a DE razor for many, many years I went back to using Mach 3 and Sensor. I found that with a DE razor I would use a Mach 3 or Sensor to clean up and reach difficult spots the DE had missed; I found that if I used my DE for this part of the shave my face would become irritated and sore. After doing this for a time I decided to use a Mach 3 or Sensor for the entire shave and have not looked back. Both these razors give me a comfortable and irritation-free shave every time that is as close as I ever got with a DE. I don’t regard this as my going back to ‘the dark side’; in fact I believe I’ve gone back to ‘the smart side’. Many members of shaving forums frown on cartridge razors and this is understandable to a degree given the marketing hype and proliferation of blades and shaving systems today much of which, as the article addresses, is crap. In the final analysis, however, the proof of the pudding is in the eating or, to put it in a shaving context, the proof of the shaving equipment is in the shave. The Mach 3 and Sensor get my unqualified endorsement.
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  5. +1 i'm with you on this I have more Cart systems in my rota than DE or SE's
  6. Carts just don't appeal to me, but that was an interesting article.
  7. trainman


    I still use carts as well as a DE. I have to keep a clean chin to get a good seal on my CPAP mask and my ageing skin doesn’t seem able to cope with a double edged blade as it once did.

  8. Boru62


    Until I discovered injectors I occasionally used a cart when I was in a hurry and still wanted to look presentable.
    I chose the Feather FII because you could lock the pivot and shave with a fixed head.
    I don't like pivots because they require pressure and I don't want to pick up any bad habits, but to each their own.
    If people prefer pivot carts to other razors then that's their bag and fair play to them.
  9. Sabre


    Trac II and compatible razors do not pivot.
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  10. Boru62


    Thanks for the heads up but I prefer injectors if I'm in a rush.

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