Well I have read all the posts and you can call me 'oldfashioned' BUT tattoos on a guy, provided they are not all over the face neck and bald head seem quite acceptable if thats what turns you on.
BUT when I see the all too present trend of 'women' rather than 'Ladies' with tattoos, especially in quite visible parts of their bodies, to me it just indicates, 'low-grades'!
It just seems so wrong and 'the fairer' sex spend such a lot of money on their appearance but ruin it with a permanent 'badge' of 'look at me, I am so trendy with my tramp-stamp'!
Of course they will also quite wrongly term themselves 'ladies'. Oh Boy! I must be old-fashioned but standards is what I am about, & yes I have 2 tattoos which are hidden and which I got in 1957.