Tea and Coffee

When are the correct times to enjoy a pot of Tea or a mug of coffee? There's early morning tea, breakfast tea blends, morning coffee, tiffin, afternoon tea. As I drink both, I do mix it up. My first drink in the office depends on how rough a night I have had. If I am staying in a hotel it's usually a latte for breakfast. I do tend to keep to tradition and enjoy an afternoon cup of tea. I do prefer a Twinings at work as they are individually sealed. There is nothing worse than spotting the guy who you know doesn't wash his hands refilling the tea bag jar.
I think generally, less caffeine later in the day ...

I like a strong, malty Assam in the morning. Pretty classic, that as it's the foundation of many a Breakfast Tea. Bukhial Estate, for me, which kicks me off just lovely. I'm not big on coffee, but some days I'll have a strong coffee in the morning. Throughout the day, I'll drink pretty much whatever tea is kicking about, be it bagged or loose, so long as it's a "nice cuppa".

Evenings, I'll often have a Lapsang Souchong or Rose Pouchong after dinner and enjoy a few cups of a white tea. Some days (not usually work days), I'll fancy abusing a Puerh or Liu Bao and enjoy the wacky dreams! Deep, deep sleep.

... but yeah, caffeine kick in the morning and lower it throughout the day.

I suppose if you were following convention, you'd need to work in an Earl Grey at some point. Afternoon tea, probably, although a Darjeeling would also do. I'm not much of a fan of either. Nilgiri Teas are coming up nowadays - fresh, refreshing and good for an afternoon pickup.