The eBay Scams Militia

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I just spotted a NEW Merkur Futur 700 for $30 from a UK seller. He/she has no feedback as a seller, just as a buyer. Only sells this one model of razor nothing else, but has a larger stock available. 4 sold on average daily.

Similar UK account (same beauty related name of account) sells $26 iKon OSS razors. But this store has more feedback, including negative feedback as a seller, with people complaining they were receiving fakes.

I believe it's the same individual/operation doing these. Despite stating it's a UK seller, I wouldn't be surprised the products are dispatched from China. My advice is to steer clear of these "awesome" deals.
Well spotted.;).It boils my urine when horrible illegitimate scum of the earth parasites try to fleece good people..This is probably what your buying at 3.5 x the cost.
Which is a Mingshi 2000s A fantastic razor for the price, that i vouch for..this really is "a genuine awesome deal",..a friend of mine passed on his to me, i was that impressed i bought one from the link above. It wouldn't surprise me if he or she has a bulk order of the Mingshi 2000s and selling them as the "New Merkur Futur 700", once the buyer has pressed the buy now button..another unfortunate victim has been fleeced..these people should be tracked down and seriously punished.
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I imagine people in the know, such as yourself, could help them stay on top of scammers like this.
Thank you, like any other on-line selling outlet, it's probably got legislation covering themselves that they arn't responsible for scammers, ,that said if you had a issue with a seller and couldn't be corrected EG, get your money back, then they do intervene to try and correct the issue, but as for the outcome, i don't really know.. In a nutshell, my advice is simple, be very careful before buying from any online outlet, do some research..and "If your instincts tell you something looks too good to be true, then avoid buying it..."I'm stating the obvious,i know". But, unfortunately including myself, we all have sudden urges of "impulsive buying bouts" from time to time, which is what the scammers aim is...But we all must resist these "Genuine awesome deals". Regards.B
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