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The Fat vs the DRHarris Winsor

Discussion in 'Shaving Soaps' started by Supermangs, Thursday October 12, 2017.

  1. I hadn't used the Fat for a while, and found myself getting a fairly average lather from it. I had a read up online to refresh myself, and noted people's observation that the Fat really needs to be used day in, day out to get the best of it. I find this is true, and have dedicated the week to it. I think that it benefits from getting a bit of moisture on it every day.

    Does anyone have the same experience with the Windsor? I have been a bit disappointed with it. I am going to try giving it an overnight soak and then using it every day for a week.

    I know that I am about to do the testing that will answer my own question, but any views on getting the most out of the Windsor would be of interest.
  2. I find the DR Harris soaps to be excellent..for me the only disappointing thing about the Windsor soap is the mildness of scent, as the scent is lovely.
    As for the soap..try loading heavy and don't add too much water..or a bit at a time. Hope this helps and the best of luck!
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  3. Both soaps have excellent qualities and superb post shave feel. I can't distinguish between the two apart from the DR Harris has a little scent to it to help it along. I personally find keeping my MWF hydrated when it's not in regular use helps tremendously. I just add a teaspoon or so of water to the puck every now and then try it.
  4. Bogeyman


    "Blooming" the soap before each use will solve that.
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  5. Bjoern


    I like both soaps. D.R. Harris, (when bowl lathering), can take more water than MF. They load better when you soak them while showering. The Windsor I find a bit better.
  6. I think with these soaps it's more than just blooming. If I haven't used the Fat for a few months and try a splash of water on it for 5 minutes, it doesn't have an impact. It needs either:

    a) an extended soak of about 24 hours; or
    b) the equivalent of an extended soak administered through daily use for a couple of days.

    I got out the Windsor last night and put a few spoonfuls of water on it and left it to soak overnight. It was much better this morning to lather than when I have recently used it for one-off lathers. I haven't left the lid off it today to dry (as I do with many other soaps). I will see if it gets even more "match fit" tomorrow.
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  7. I have no experience with Windsor but I don't find the comment about MWF needing to be used regularly at all true. My puck is at least two years old and it gets used maybe once every couple weeks (because I have way too many creams and soaps). It lathers superlatively but I always wet the puck with warm to hot water before I jump in the shower. I have never had an issue lathering MWF even with our medium hard water.
  8. Roy


    I was reluctant to buy the MWF due to its reputation of difficult to lather. I live in a hard water area. What everyone's problems puzzles me. As easy to lather as a cream. Three or four swirls with a damp brush on the dry puck and continue on bowl, hand or face, and you get a large amount of thick creamy lather. The puck fits an empty TOB tub perfectly too.
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  9. What does come out is just how enigmatic the MWF is. I don't know of any other soap that generates such a wide variety of experiences as to performance/lather.

    PS. If you don't have an empty TOB tub, the Body Shop Macca Root equivalent works a treat as well.
  10. Roy


    Someone in another forum said that due to the lanolin , you should not use hot water. ..just at room temperature.This may be true as the water I use for shaving is barely at room temperature.
  11. Louis


    I've never used the Harris stuff, so I can't comment on it, but having used MWF quite a lot, I've realised that it doesn't need any 'blooming'. Once you've mastered it to suit your shave, you can come back to it after not using it for months and it'll be fine (but it might have shrunk a bit!).
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  12. Roy


    Someone on u tube video said this lasts several years with daily use.! Will this be true?
  13. wooky114


    The pucks triple milled and as dense as anything, it'll last a fair while....
  14. I've been using the kent soap exclusively for the last couple of months and have had no trouble with it at all - go heavy on it - I was rubbing the puck on my face as you would with a shave stick. try that with Dr Harris perhaps?

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