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The General in brass

Discussion in 'Single Edge (SE) Razors & Blades' started by gvw755, Wednesday December 21, 2016.

  1. I have ordered Feather Professional PB-20 blades.

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  2. Let us know how your first shave goes, those are good blades and I think you will get a fantastic shave using this razor and blades.:)
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  3. Deal ;)
    It should be next week.

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  4. Clint64


    I have yet to have a bad shave with the Brass General;)
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  5. Me also, one of my best razors, a keeper for sure! :)
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  6. A top tip on the alum @Blademonkey. Also going to ask my mechanic on a couple of local machine shops later this week.

    Last couple of rounds with the General, and one in near darkness, have been with the Feather Super, having worked my way through all the available blades, the best finish yet.
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  7. Feather supers I've found to give the best shave in this razor too, outstanding! :)
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  8. dowsing


    Hi @FrankieG

    I received the handle today and sadly it doesn't fit (only screws down a couple of mm) so I'll try sending it back for a refund. I can confirm that it is only 40g and 95mm so it must be slightly hollow.

    All is not lost though I did pick up a lovely Windrose Darwin handle in Gold Damascus that is a nice match. :)
  9. FrankieG


    Thank you for your feedback @dowsing . Sorry the Hibco brass handle didn't work out. The Windrose handle sounds beautiful though :)
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  10. pj3r


    I finally ordered mine... Halleluyah!

    Poslano sa mog EVA-L19 koristeći Tapatalk
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  11. Nice one, you will love it! :)
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  12. [​IMG]

    Tried mine for the first time and it was excellent, mild and effective :)
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  13. ajc347



    My General arrived on Monday and I used it for the first time yesterday evening.

    I loaded the razor with a Feather pro and did a great job in moving down a few days worth of stubble. It's as aggressive a razor as my face can handle and I'm pleased that it performed so efficiently, without any nicks or irritation.

    My concerns about the handle being slippery were unfounded, and I suspect that this was because of the superb balance the razor has.

    It's definitely a keeper. :)
  14. Last one brass is sold, enjoy in limited edition :D

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