The Little Wren Pottery Appreciation Thread

Mine was posted today....I really don't know what it will look like! I am now curious. I ordered a standard in Forest green. Are all of the above specials??
Mine was a custom order with a side swept handle, I left it to Victoria regarding the dimensions which are 14cm in diameter and 7cm in height.

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Was you the first forum member to buy one of these little Wren pottery bowls Wyane? If so well done for spreading the love, I love mine, it's baby bear! :)
I believe so Paul. I was looking for a potter to make me a bowl. I came across Victoria on Etsy and sent her an email asking if she could make one to my specifications. She happily agreed and quoted me £6.00. I snapped her hand off and when it arrived I was blown away by the quality so I very quickly shared pics and all the details to anyone on both forums who would listen. Frankly I'm a little sad more people didn't have one made as every one I have seen have been works of art and so much better than mass produced overpriced rubbish we usually see or indeed the various other bowls pressed into the role of shaving bowls. That is why I think a group buy is long overdue and I think it may work.