The Very Imaginatively Named Shop1398298 Synthetic Brushes

When Ali Express had its recently sales promo, I thought I would have a hunt around for alternatives to Virginia Shaving and YaQi. Eventually I found this store: . Confusingly some brushes are listed in the logical place i.e. Brushes, but some more are categorised as 'Other'.

In the end I bought this brush:

It cost me c£12 including postage

Initial thoughts are it's nice well made brush. Dimensions are:
  • Handle Height: 45mm
  • Handle Diameter: 38mm
  • Knot Diameter: 24mm
  • Effective Loft: 55mm
The handle is made out of a very dark horn type resin and is comparatively small compared to the likes of YaQi brushes. It has been turned and is very well finished.

The know is a very dark brown colour over cream and is described as 'Black Badger'. It's colour closely resembles the latest Body Shop brush with the dark handle, but it is definitely softer. Not as soft as a Plissoft however. First impressions on the face are that there is more scratch and slightly more backbone, but certainly nothing too extreme. It feels similar to recent 'Black Fibre' brushes, but this will come out as and when I test it over the next week or so. Maybe it will even soften up like the Razorock 400 black fibre did? Watch this space.

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Suspicions confirmed. Knot has indeed softened up and is great for face lathering. I'm as sure as I can be that it is indeed the Razorock / YaQi black fibre, albeit dyed differently of course. As well as 'face feel' being a good match it has similar 'crimping' in the fibres to aid water retention

There appears to be no more of this specific handle available, but there is at least one other brush sharing the same knot
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