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Thread permissions

Discussion in 'Feedback and Help Requests' started by hectorsgaf, Monday April 23, 2018.

  1. wooky114


    I reckon you're short on bullet point 1 by 20 posts, so bullet point 2 seems an option:
    • New members will not be able to use the section for selling until they are deemed to be active members, this will happen after 30 days and 30 posts.
    • If you can't post because you have not reached the new member threshold, you can send the seller a PM. Sellers can add the PM received information in the thread
  2. Understood and thank you. Things must have changed as I was ok to post 3 years ago. ;)
  3. nick_s

    nick_s Moderator Staff Member

    Aye, extra things were bought in to help discourage people from joining purely to sell, with no intent on participating :)

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