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Tips for using a slant as a newbie

Discussion in 'DE Razors' started by sefwow, Monday May 7, 2018.

  1. sefwow


    Hi all,

    I've recently gotten into DE Shaving. I started with a Rimei 2003 and a Yingjili Tech. The Rimei gave a smooth finish but was a little rough during the process. The tech was a lot milder but found it difficult to get BBS.

    I decided to buy a Merkur 37c because I figured I would eventually move onto a slant and originally got into wet shaving for the cost factor.

    I'm impressed with it so far as it is by far the smoothest razor I have used but am having trouble getting as close a shave. If it makes any difference I am using Polsilver blades with an Omega S brush and Arko I know this is against conventional advice but I looked at all blade reviews and found that Polsilver was one of the least polarizing blades (seems like very few people disliked them) and I bought 100 of them.

    Do you guys have any tips for me on how to get a closer shave with the slant or anything I be aware of when switching to the slant? Should I be trying out different blades or is it just technique at this point? Perhaps I should develop my technique on the rimei or tech first?

  2. 99% it’s technique. You should be able to get BBS with the Tech never mind the slant.
  3. Bogeyman


    Just remember that far too many wash up on the rocks chasing the sirens' call of the BBS. The hair will be back tomorrow. Smooth & steady at the helm. ;)
  4. Paul L

    Paul L

    I found extra touch ups and buffing were required using a 37C and 39C.
    For me, the 34C gives consistently better shaves.
    Give a steeper angle a shot, it might improve its efficiency.
    @Bogeyman Is right. Enjoy using your new razor and learn to use it to it's full potential and how it works best for you.
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  5. jar



    Try light hand and basic shave, then apply a good alum rubdown to your face and only then do any touchup. The alum will help you stretch the skin at the points that need touchup.
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  6. sefwow


    Hey Jar, thank you for that - that's a fantastic idea. Will definitely try.

    I seem to be getting better at adjusting to the slant and an definitely getting closer to BBS with it alone but still cutting myself in a few sensitive spots. Maybe some blade exploration is needed :)
  7. I only use slants. I have the 39c, the X3, and an S1. I use only Polsilvers in them. Use no pressure or very little pressure. Shave off the cream/soap and your stubble will follow. Try a 2-pass WTG. Technique is everything.
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  8. gile


    I have 39c and find it to be a teacher for DE shaving. It teaches you to hold right angle and not to use any pressure. Just be patient as slant tends to fool you that it is not shaving at all and smoothens sharp razor blades. Results will come as with all razors you have to spend some time with it to find that best and close shave. One thing that I found difficult in beginning is maintaining straight stroke as my hand tended to move in such motion that blade glided straight as it was regular razor.

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