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TSR Awards 2017 - DE Blade Nominations

Discussion in 'DE Blades' started by nick_s, Sunday November 19, 2017.

  1. Feather all the way for me.
    Great for shaving the steel wool that grows out of my face.
  2. Jel999


    Gillette Rubie. I thought Polsilvers were good but these are on a different level.
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  3. Gillette Silver Blues, best I've used so far.
  4. ronl


    Wilkinson sword(Germany)....Best blade for me.
  5. Hard choice, but if i had to choose it'll be Gillette 7 oclock Sharpedge (yellow)..a excellent all round blade, thats gives me a comfortable close shave each time i use them..smooth sharp & efficient.I like russian made blades ,each blade i've tried the shaving results have been outstanding, as are the egyptian made Shark SS.
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