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Vintage Gillette Blue Blade

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by Bogeyman, Wednesday April 19, 2017.

  1. Bogeyman


    A few years back I purchased a blade lot that had two tucks of old carbon steel Gillette Blue Blades in it. Now mind you, these two tucks were made in 1971 and look like this: (R4) Gillette Blue Blade.jpg

    The date is important because by then Gillette was treating these with a silicon coating to my understanding, unlike the older "bare" carbon steel ones. The Super Gillette Blue carbon ones had a PTFE coating and were a step up.

    Regardless, I used one of these a few years back and was highly impressed, but had forgotten about it until I noticed the tucks in my storage bin. I grabbed a couple blades and used one today in a Canadian pre-war Tech razor. The blade was in mint condition with no sign of rust. Nevertheless, I soaked it in 70% rubbing alcohol for 20 mins. while mounted in the razor. I used Phoenix & Beau Solaris soap and the resultant shave was beyond outstanding.

    This is sort of a "best of both" worlds blade in that it was Gillette's sharpest blade (so said their head of R&D at the time) using a modern (for that era) coating. Carbon steel takes an edge far easier than stainless and some say even today it can be sharpened to a finer edge. Metallurgy aside, the shave is simply marvelous and has a tad different feel. Since these are long discontinued and finite I will answer any question as to their shave longevity with this:

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  2. thegallus1


    Thanks for the great info Bogeyman. Recently I've tried three vintage blades:

    1961 Gillette Blue - sharp but didn't feel smooth due to lack of coating I suppose
    1976 Gillette Super Blue - I enjoyed using this blade, sharp and coated so smooth, felt pretty modern
    1996 Gillette Super Silver - great blade IMO

    All were bought on the bay. The 60's Blue are going to be part of my collection and won't be used, I just wanted to try a blade. I am keeping an eye open to acquire more of the Super Blue and Super Silver.
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  3. dodgy


    Hi there,

    Gillette was still dating blades even when US made razors weren't. There's a couple of 'year made' charts and the first/earlier version lists 1946 as the year.

    Hope that info helps.
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  4. nolisco


    Inspired by this thread to use a Blue blade (E2, 1959) I found tucked away in my stash. The edge was rust free and I gave it a soak before use. Pleasantly surprised, I was expecting it not to be as smooth as it was. It wasn't a Polsilver SI, but it wasn't a Derby either. Gave a good, clean shave.

    Sated my curiosity, I don't think I would go out of my way in search of more but like with a vitntage razor its nice to have and finally try one.
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  5. Bogeyman


    What I had read was wrong. Here is the correct answer:

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