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What are you drinking tonight.

Discussion in 'Food and Drink Talk' started by Lose the beard, Sunday November 11, 2012.

  1. My home bar has a gas dispense issue tonight so no beer for me until a new regulator arrives.

    Gin an Tonic for me, Gordon's and ASDA Tonic.
  2. joe mcclaine

    joe mcclaine Guest

    Been Out with my son for his 21st Birthday (yeah, I know ... I don't look old enough).

    Was also out with my brother, our Dad, my brother-in-law, my nephew and half a dozen of my son's mates.

    All I can say is 'drinking' has changed a LOT since I was last out and smashing the granny out of it.

    Was fully expecting a dozen or so pints, getting 'knuckle deep' with some strumpet, a kebab, a huge fight and one of us getting banged up.

    Young 'uns today . . . they just don't know the half of it.

    Next Sunday it's me, my son, my daughter, their partners, my Grandad (who used to 'bounce' for some twins in London in the 60s), my Dad, his wife, my Mum, her husband, my brother, his partner and whoever else fancies it getting mullered down the local boozer. If we don't put £500 through the till there will be some serious questions asked.
  3. jaycey


    Washed down a bottle of Co Op Cava tonight. Nice.
  4. A couple of liters of home brew IPA after an afternoon in the garden & converting a cubby house to a chook house. Then shared a bottle of a Tassie reisling with the missus over dinner, a lamb tagine.
  5. Last night it was a bottle of Franzikaner Weissbier (my favourite wheat beer) and a couple of glasses of Gallo Five Oaks Carbenet to kick off a weeks holiday.
  6. A couple of bottles of Hobsons 'Town Crier', followed by a drop of Jameson's Distillery Reserve 12 Yr (last night obviously...I'm not a total wino drinking at this time on a Sunday morning!)
  7. Last night: a simple bottle of Crabbie's. And quite a lot of chai.
  8. A nice cup of coffee to go with my lemon cake while watching Strictly. :icon_razz:
  9. Well , I had a nice glass of Vimto , :D
    (the missus had a glass of Cidre)

  10. Fido


    Nothing different today.

    Whisky then wine.

    Old Thumper tomorrow.
  11. Gairdner

    Gairdner Guest

  12. Don't know why but I picked up a couple of bottles of Newcastle Brown yesterday...not had that since I was a student and now I know why, just bland compared to todays complex and more flavorsome brews.

    Staff lunch today is a rib sticking pork belly, mash, greens, jam rolly-polly + custard with whatever...cider, wine & cordial for juniors

    Stunning day for a long walk, we will need it.
  13. I had two cans of lager and two whisky and lemonades. Nothing too mad really.
    That's me done for the week, I'll probably go to the pub on Wednesday after a conference that I have to spend all day at, I generally have a drink twice a week.
  14. too much Captain Morgan, didn't know quite how much till I checked the bottle when I got up.
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  15. This has been a whisky weekend for me.

    Dalwhinnie 15 on Friday night then found a bottle of Aberlour 10 in Asda for £18 yesterday so a few of those last night.

    Nothing today!
  16. AGIO


    tonight taylors reserve port followed by leftovers from last nights indian takeaway
    tomorrow morning :s
  17. Gairdner

    Gairdner Guest

    Indian takeaway leftovers? On the very few occasions there have been any leftovers at Chez Gairdner, I've eaten them for breakfast. Cold & all mixed in together!
  18. Having a beer tonight, Home brewed Best Bitter tonight.
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  19. AGIO


    I do it every weekend have a few drinks ! and order too much curry :icon_razz:
    not tried it cold for years :icon_razz:
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  20. Gairdner

    Gairdner Guest

    It used to be too much curry and then I found I could manage it all. The mirror confirmed my worst fears!
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