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What strops do you all use/own?

Discussion in 'Straight Razors' started by Looney12345, Thursday March 30, 2017.

  1. Looney12345


    As you may have noticed from my WTB adverts a new strop is potentially on the horizon for me. I'm thinking cordovan...

    That aside, I'm interested to hear what strops you guys use and the relevant merits/drawbacks of each?

    I currently own an SRDP Modular Paddle strop which is great. I really enjoy stropping on the "rough" leather prior to the premium leather and the canvas is ideal for refreshing my razors on pastes. I put a nick in the premium leather early on and it pisses me off (hence me looking for a replacement bed). Does anyone know if the souplex-77 beds from Invisible edge fit onto the SRDP paddle? (link here:

    Also own a "starter" type hanging strop which I bought from @Fergiebilly That one doesn't get as much use, but I still like it.

    Anyway, looking forward to your replies!
  2. OSP


    Of course i use my own. I think i price my strops (especially the shell cordovan) very well. but i do also have a mountain mikes.
  3. My first strop was a 3" wide vegetable tanned job from "FIRST" made in the UK, cost 30£ and is still going strong and my second strop is a 2" top grain cowhide made by Illinois Razor Strop Co and it has a thick canvas strop on the back joined at the top with the clasp and I think that cost 70£ if I get another it will be one from OSP because they look good and I know James wouldn't sell rubbish. :)
  4. Rohleder


    I've got a few... Dovo Prima Rindleder canvas backed 2.5" hanging, Invisible Edge extra wide sprung paddle & a small Geo. Trumper branded "French paddle strop" which is sprung and has leather one side and balsa the other.

    I like using the Invisible Edge one the best.
  5. Snuff


    Scrupleworks 2,5" Swedish Bridal/ brushed cotton, barber style strop

    Scrupleworks 2,5" oil tanned horsehide/linen, barber style strop

    (have owned Neil and Tony Miller strops also that I liked but my preference is with Torolf's strops, really like the feeling while stropping on these).
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  6. I got few vintage strops that I like to use, Basic dovo (without canvas) which is not as nice as the vintage ones. Illinois strop is also nice but when I bought it I had to pay the extra import duties.
  7. My own 3" English bridal leather strop. Unless you are a stropping god you are gonna nick your strop sooner or later and I wouldn't want to spend on the likes of a Kanayama and mark it plus they are too expensive for me. I'll stick to making my own, it isn't a dark art.
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  8. [​IMG]
    I Use 2 Strops..The One at the Top I Got from Pete on EBay..Its a Great Wee Strop for around 12 Notes with a Leather & Canvas Side..I Normally Use this Strop as My Work Horse Coming Off the Hone..o_O

    My Tony Miller Strop is Cowhide on One Side & Latigo on the Other..This was an Expensive Early High End Tony Miller Strop & is No Longer Available..Its One Serious Heavy Duty & Heavy Weight Strop..:)

  9. I use a 3" wide Black English Bridle leather from "Razor Emporium" with felt strop also
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  10. I have an OSP English Bridle 3".Also have a four sided paddle strop & another 3" budget strop from amazon.
  11. EdBrice


    +1 on the scrupleworks 2.5" oil tanned horsehide strop, almost a magnetic draw and great workmanship, mine is a good few years old and is still in great condition, I also like the look of westholme strops here in the uk, you can never have enough strops you know!!
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  12. I use a neil miller strop shop strop, say that after a few beers.
    Its got a couple of nicks, i call them character!
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  13. I use a westholme hanging starter strop, I've got very little knowledge of strops but it does the job and only cost me £35.
    Would certainly recommend them to anyone.
  14. Kamp


    Which one of the 2 do you like most Ron and what is the difference (is it the draw)?

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