What's your best budget shave cream?

I'm not a cream user usually but I have just bought some Proraso sandalwood (Red) and it's bloody good gear. Granted the scent will not be for everyone but it's OK.
Totally agree with you Wayne.
I love the Prorazo red aftershave and bought a couple of tubs of Prorazo red shaving cream to go with it.
Scent wise it clobbers you, it's that strong but it is good gear :)
Fresh coffee - now there is another rabbit hole I could easily fall in
You are right about the rabbit hole. Probably could buy some mighty nice shaving stuff for the money I squander on coffee beans. All the gear and accoutrements connected with the vice don't exactly grow on trees, either. I do enjoy a fresh cup of coffee, though, and have no problem placing my monthly order.
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