Wickham 1912 Citrus Musk AS

I've just tried the Wickham 1912 citrus musk aftershave and can report that it's a great scent and produced a great post shave feel.

Have any others tried the new splashes?

A minor point for Darron @Fox, is there any chance that future bottles could have some sort of flow restrictor in the bottle opening? I think it might help get a small amount in the palm easier.
Hi @DamianJ glad your enjoying the Citrus Musk After Shave Splash.

Yes I am talking to a company who manufactures bottle restrictors here in the UK. I have sent him a bottle to see if he has anything to match. I am also having new labels printed by a new printing company. The new labels will be printed on a different material using alcohol resistant ink. The product will be tidied up somewhat, so hold on to these 1st batch after shaves as they maybe worth a bit as time goes on. :)
I have always thought that a fragrance smells better & stronger when applied via aerosol & oxygenated . For all my splashes I buy a plastic spray bottle to apply. I do know some men like to rub in their AS of course. I recommend that each person try it both ways to determine for themselves. Just my 2 cents.
I have used Wickham Citrus Musk Aftershave today and in my opinion the composition resembles 4711. Is it only my association? Darron @Fox, was it this German classic your inspiration?
No, I didn't have this in mind at the time, though I am glad you like it and rate it with such a long-standing quality as the famous 4711.

Sadly the aftershaves will be discontinued, though I have agreed with Paul over at Connaught Shaving that he can bottle and supply the aftershaves. I'm sure if enough people support him with this he will make it a main stay.

I have formulated an aftershave balm that will replace these, they will be available across the whole 1912 scent range. I don't yet have a date for the roll out of these, though I am working hard to make them available real soon.

@Sezer1974 thank you for the kind words. :)
To bump a slightly older thread; I've just received both Citrus Musk and Cashmere a/s splashes, yesterday! Tried out the Cashmere today without shaving and it's a lovely, soft, sweet scent. To quote @Fox's website, "be warned repetitive sniffing
is likely to take place as this is an addictive scent". This statement hits the nail on the head - I can't stop smelling my wrists/hands. It's a shame they're being discontinued but hopefully Connaught shaving will have enough interest to warrant continuing to stock/supply them!
To rebump this I received a sample of this kindly sent by Connaughts.Thought id look at the reviews on here and found this thread. Definately get the 4711 link...but the CM lasts longer could smell it all day at work.Will be investing in a full one on payday for the summer..will actually team it up with the 4711 I reckon using the CM more like an Edt.

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