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Witchazel post shave

Discussion in 'After Shave / Cologne' started by Bazz, Monday April 2, 2018.

  1. Bazz


    Hi all, for those of you that use witchazel post shave, how do you apply it, how much and do you use it routinely or just if you have a couple of nicks or weepers?

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  2. I apply a generous splash after a cold water rinse post shave. I find that my skin feels great after using it. I may use an as lotion after or increasingly rarely some balm after using witch hazel. I think alum block or styptic pencil is more suited to nicks and weepers.
    I highly recommend it.
  3. Bizzyberry


    I use it after every shave, I rinse with cold water and dry my face first. I then use a cotton wool pad to apply it and just let the witch hazel dry naturally before applying balm or an aftershave lotion, but you could just use witch hazel on it's own. I put just enough on the pad so it does not drip which seems to be enough to do the job, I just wipe my whole face with it. You could just apply it like an AS lotion as well.

    I find using the cotton wool pad helps to remove any soap/cream residue from my face, plus I use the cotton wool pad afterwards to clean up any scum/beard hair from the sink. I shave using a sink of warm water to rinse the razor as I shave so the sink often has ring of scum after shaving.

    I have used basic witch hazel which works fine but I prefer to use Thayers or Humphreys, unscented or cucumber are my favourites.

    If I have nicks or weepers I find that Alum is best for me and I apply this before the cold rinse, in fact of late I have been using alum almost every shave even though I am not getting nicks/weepers.

    So my current routine post shave is usually:
    • rinse to remove soap/cream residue
    • alum - applied to wet face
    • rinse with cold water after a few minutes to remove alum and close pores
    • dry face
    • apply witch hazel and allow to dry
    • apply balm or AS lotion if needed/wanted
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  4. When I use my Thayers I splash it on as if it were an aftershave splash, let it dry while I'm cleaning my brush ect and then apply my after shave splash, lotion or balm. Happy days! :) P.
    I use it more as a skin toner but it will deal with a minor nick, anything more than a minor nick will generally require alum.
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  5. @Bazz - I use witch hazel every single shave - I wouldn't be without it - an essential part of my regime - after a hot then cold water rinse I apply it to my whole face - not just the bit I have shaved - with make-up removal pads - two at a time - saturated but not dripping - then let it dry in naturally - as said above I clean my brush and razor in the interim - before moving on to aftershave and balm. If you have done any serious damage to your face - use alum before the witch hazel. If you need alum - make sure you wash it off properly before progressing. I just go for the cheap generic BP witch hazel available from supermarkets and chemists - I've used Thayers, Humphreys and the like - but the performance doesn't justify the price difference for me. Nice as a treat though. - hope this helps - yours - I.
  6. Going by the number of supporting 'likes' I've given here you can probably tell I'm a big Witch Hazel fan.

    Another one happy to use a generic brand (usually Boots own), simply giving my face a splash and working it around.

    A small quantity in a cupped hand being sufficient. I do find it an odd smell but it soon disappears. That aside it really does give my skin that wow factor and I can't think of much better after a shave.

    Use after most shaves and normally I'll finish off with a moisturiser or balm.

    A brilliant and cheap product
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  7. JayGee


    Splash it on after final rinse, wouldn't be without it.
    When I wash my face before bed, often have a sneaky witch hazel splash then too.
    I use the £1.50 a bottle stuff from savers usually, when its on offer, treat myself to the boots own brand tea tree & witch hazel cleanser, that's very good.
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  8. Bazz


    Okay then, that seems to have settled it, i'm off to town today so i'll be picking up a bottle to try.
    Thanks for all your responses.
  9. Miles Teg

    Miles Teg

    Hi Bazz

    I bought some of Boots own last week £1.50 in their sale.
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  10. Home Bargains sell it also. Get yourself a plastic bottle with a pump dispenser to save it going everywhere. Again Home Bargains sell these, three different types for travelling

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  11. Thayers Lavender is all I use , nothing else at all , I put mine in a small atomiser bottle , it makes it last a whole lot longer , spay on liberally and let dry naturally .
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  12. Have to ask. Where do you source your Thayers unscented in the UK?
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  13. Iherb usually have the best price for Thayer's in the Uk, they also stock Humphreys. I'm running low myself, so will be ordering soon.
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  14. Bizzyberry


    Amazon but watch out as prices vary especially the postage.
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  15. Thank you
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  16. Pepperpot


    I've tried Humphreys witchhazel instead of alum for the last five days and I really like it so far.
    I got it via iHerb to Germany.
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  17. Yeah alum can feel a bit rough on the skin, since discovering witch hazel by frequenting this place my skin feels great after a shave, so much so that I hardly ever use balm anymore. I use aloe gel if I'm feeling sore after a shave and alum or styptic pencil for weepers only.
  18. Paul L

    Paul L

    They also sell essential oils for around £1.50. I bought lavender and peppermint oils there, and they smell very nice.
    15-20 drops into 100 ml of witch hazel and you've got your own scented witch hazel.
    Give it a shake before each use to ensure the oil is in suspension.
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  19. Exactly what i do, home bargains essential oils are excellent, i also mixed lime lemon, & peppermint oils together for a new (summer months) mixture..superb stuff!;)
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  20. Paul L

    Paul L

    Good idea

    I have some lime too. Peppermint lime sounds good to me !
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