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Yaaaaay - another shave and another DISASTER! - *Updates*

Discussion in 'Shaving Help' started by mattprince, Wednesday July 26, 2017.

  1. Bogeyman


  2. Well,

    Big thanks to 49er for the Gillette Tech he sent me. Ive shaved a few times with this and a voskhod blade and it's definitely more suited to me. Lovely razor and combined with that blade seems to have helped a lot.

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  3. Really pleased Matt that it sounds like you may have found your "holy grail" with regards to the razor.
    You will get there in the end my friend. :)
  4. Great news Matt..
    The Voskhod Teflon Coated ,are a excellent non-aggressive forgiving smooth blades, which will be well suited to your skin type, you'll also find the Personna Lab Blues the same. The Gillette Tech is a superb little razor..and for the time being, that's all need until you, yourself decides to use a more aggressive razor..Enjoy your shaves mate.;)
  5. Nalves


    Exactly the blades I use when I find the razor a bit too agressive. Or until I gain the confidence enough with a certain razor.
  6. Greeat minds..I quote you "Or until I gain the confidence enough with a certain razor.".well said!;)..For myself it was quite a daunting learning experience finding out which blade goes with what razor for your skin type, i find the Voskhod a excellent one,especially with my Merkur Slants..Non-Aggressive blades go well with Aggressive razors & vice versa, however sometimes this isn't always the case... Facemapping Confidence,good preparation & practicing your technique are what makes the shave so much better.
  7. Ferry-shave


    Result! Hope the good shaves keep coming :)
  8. Bogeyman


    Fixed it for ya. ;) :D
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  9. Lol
  10. 49er


    Hey Matt, when you start to develop a little confidence and begin to look for a razor with a little more ooomph, consider just putting a slightly heavier handle on the tech. You wilk be surprised at the difference it makes.

    Cheers pal.
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  11. Hi,

    Yeah I will try that when I've got this shaving close to perfect every time.

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  12. Bogeyman


    I used a pre-war Canadian Tech this morning for the third shave on a Gillette Goal SP blade in conjunction with P&B Spitfire soap and the resultant DFS was flawless. ;) Was it BBS? No, as I don't strive for such. I do a one pass WTG & a 1/2 pass XTG usually as the hair will be back for tomorrow's shave and most important is to have no irritation & no ingrown hairs. Reduction and not elimination. ;)
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  13. If it's all under the chin; too much pressure and wrong angle for hair growth.

    Blade and razor combo can be a bit hit and miss from one day to the next.

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