Yaqi High Mountain White question

I got mine this weekend and have used it once so far.

My initial impression: It's rather floppy, somewhere between a Muhle Silvertip and a Simpson Best Badger. The Simpson Best is probably the, uhm, best comparison I can come up with generally, except that the YaQi showed some noticeable scritch. I'll have to wait and see how it develops. Aside from that, the knot feels fine and rather big for its size, kind of a large mop.

One thing I don't like is the colour of the hair, especially with this very bright handle. It just looks, well, dirty. Maybe that's also why they don't call it a proper silvertip, but rather "Highmountain Silvertip"? I dunno.

(The hair looks more yellow-ish here than it really is due to the picture being lit by the evening sun.)

The handle sure is a beauty! Very comfortable, too. A real shame they didn't put in a nicer looking knot.