A new brush, some questions

I want to buy a new brush but I'm in doubt what to buy :

Badger and boar : are they just bred for their hairs for brushes? I always thought their hairs were a rest product. A boar gets to the slaughterhouse for it's meat, but how about badgers? If badgers (or boars) are only bred for their hairs then it's for me a nogo.

Horse : a rest product of their regular care, no horse is killed, so no problem

Synthetic : never had one, so maybe I should give it a try

Thx in advance
Most badger hair comes from China, where they breed them for food and fur. If it bothers you, the conditions are not great. I'll leave it to you to Google...

Boar, by product of the global pork industry, some of it is humane, some of it isn't. Who knows where your bristles come from?

Personally, as an avid carnivore, I'm comfortable with a good quality Synthetic.
Synthetics have become very good recently and in my opinion are better than badger/boar brushes. My Semogue boar hasn't been wet for a long time. Quicker drying time, softer tips, better splay, no shedding, no break in period or weird wet dog smell and no guilt over killing animals unless your eating them. Synthetic for me all the way.
Death is what keeps us alive. We consume plants and animals. Our clothes and houses required the death of many plants and animals. Even our cars, gas and oil lamps, and most manufacturing of goods, requires dead plants and animals. Even the manufacture of items used by vegans required death to make it happen. Pass the bacon, please.

I like boar brushes and wooden handles.
My suggestion; if you are going to buy any brush you like, I suggest buy an Omega boar brush.
1- Omega boar brushes are inexpensive an very good quality.
2- Unlike other brands omega does not require all that time and effort to break-in(optimum and most efficient level for performance)
3- works great with both soaps and creams
4- suitable for all types of lathering techniques
Badger brushes are expensive, soft and floppy also horse hair brushes usually tangle.
It is a very broad subject and there are lots of choices after you decide that you can buy any brush. Proraso brush(made by omega) and Omega 10066 are my favourite
Ouch, "Badger brushes are expensive, soft and floppy", I did not know that.
I'd say some badger brushes can be expensive, soft and floppy, but good ones tend just to be expensive, at least relative to boar brushes or synths. If you choose well then floppy should not come into it, and soft only in the sense it won't scratch your face to bits. I do use and like some synths, but a nice two band badger just feels more luxurious to me,