Agua de Colonia

The Cologne's from Italy and Turkey are quite popular. A few of the Spanish Cologne's are quite well known:

Agua de Colonia Concentrada Alvarez Goméz
Agua de Colonia 1916 Myrurgia
Heno de Pravia Agua de Pravia 1905
Agua de Colonia Barberia Eau de Cologne from Alvarez Goméz
Hierbas De Ibiza Agua De Colonia Fresca
Hierbas De Mallorca Agua De Colonia Fresca

I enjoy "Colonia Familiar"

Agua De Colonia Heno de Pravia
S3 Agua de Colonia Classic
Fa Agua de Colonia
Agua Lavanda Puig
Gotas Fresca Agua de Colonia Instituto Español
Royale Ambree

These are large 600ml bottles usually with castor oil.

Do you have any favourites?
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I just applied a Colonia Familiar - S3 Agua de Colonia Frescor Natural. This is wonderful stuff, I could apply it all day :D ...

Used this stuff for years from Spain. Locals smell of it. Apparently is good to keep the mosquitoes away. I put it in spray bottle and cover myself in it. Wonderful fresh smell. 2 or 3 euros in the baby isle of most Spanish supermarkets

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