Alpa 378 Aftershave Lotion from Czech

I went during eastern for about five days to Czech and stayed in Prague and did one daytrip to Kunta Hora :) And during this days I checked out supermarkets and drugstores for some cheap local shaving products.

And one off these hidden gems I found is the Alpa 378 Aftershave Lotion, which is online often describe as an very good Irish Moos copy, but to honest I find that the Alpa 378 smell sightly better then Irish Moos.

One off the nice things off this aftershave lotion is that it contains menthol, and to be honest this was one off the reasons I decided to buy this aftershave, as I like the cooling effect off menthol, but of course the scent was the deciding factor.

I have already tried this Alpa 378 once and I could immediately feel the cooling effect from the menthol, and it does cool quite a lot I have to say, more then the menthol shaving products I have used up until now, but that might be because this is an aftershave lotion.

This in an aftershave lotion I can really recommend, sadly its not easy to get ( I have noticed online most people don't buy it when they in Czech ;) ) as most vendors don't carry it.

And I bought myself a small stock off this aftershave lotion, as its amazingly cheap it just costs 20CZK, which is about 0,60GBP ;)
Hi Nealo - just browsed - The Alpa is about 3 GBP and Razorock shave soaps are very reasonably priced compared to UK. Delivery to USA is about 3 euros more than to UK which is better than USA to uk which has increased in recent years. Maggards is very reasonable but doesn't ship anything containing alcohol. I hope the Spaniards ship the alcohol a/shaves to here. I will pose the question - unless anyone checks with them first. I don't know if there is a uk/Europe restriction when purchasing from a European mainland source