American vs Spanish Aqua Velva

When I started shaving in the late 70's the only aftershave on the shelf in our village shop was French Aqua Velva, I kept using this juice for decades. When I moved to the UK I started to use the American version as it was easy to get over the net.

I just picked up the Spanish version which had the same bottle and scent profile as the French version of many years ago.

Side by side on my skin the American is stronger initially but vanish in half an hour, the Spanish Williams Expert is still fresh three hours later.

The scent is very similar but not the same. I sure like to know if the current French/Italian version is different to the above versions.
Also there was a Williams Aqua Velva Cologne, it was European because it was in a glass bottle. I have a bottle about to finish and forgot where I got it from, I hope it is not discontinued because it is really nice.
The 100ml glass bottle cologne AV juice is unfortunately gone now, it was made when Spanish Williams was under the Sarah Lee ownership but the new owner Unilever ditched it. Only the Aftershave is available now days across shops in Spain.
That's not good. Do you think they may stop the Aftershave as well? What do you think?
I think the Cologne (which I still have a full bottle of) was always a bit of a niche Spanish product. I don't remember seeing it in the US or Italy/France where you can usually find good availability of their local aftershave version.

I don't think there's a risk to the ASL, its a good old brand to have so will always have a home with some manufacturers.

I do like the bottle in the Spanish version as this is what I used in the 70's as a very young shaver.
Myrsol Don Carlos reminds me Aqua Velva Cologne scent, so you are right with niche Spanish product. My other Aqua Velva curiosity is the Green Sport version for the Canadian market, the US version sport is very disappointing, in my opinion it is a horrible aftershave, but from what I've heard the green sport doesn't smell like the US made AV sport.