Anyone else miss this new Wilkinson Sword Retro Classic?

I bought one before Christmas. I was later pointed to the (apparently) identical razor on Aliexpress and it was only a few pounds cheaper. I don't have a problem with that. It is unusual for a mainstream company to introduce a new DE to the I think for the sake of a few pounds....they should be encouraged to maintain that presence. The razor is well finished and includes a pack of genuine Wilkinson sword Blades which don't come with the Chinese purchase. It also gives a reasonable shave as well!
"1898 design "

The first TTO was the 1932 GEM Micromatic, and it didn't look anything like that.
I think it's just in reference to their first patent. As it happens, the Pall Mall and Empire razors both had a screw end on the handle to release the head for blade un/loading and stropping purposes. Granted, it's a stretch especially given it's a clone of their immediate competitor's design but that's marketing.
I never really thought of the Segal as a TTO, but you're right, it is!
Gillette sure thought it was a TTO and sued them to take it off the shelves so as not to compete with the new Aristocrat, using an old patent Gillettet acquired after the Segal's release. Rather cynical move as the acquired patent had nothing to do with either razor.
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Got one a while ago in Tesco. It’s ok, not worthy enough of praise to be honest.
Received my earlier in the week and have had a couple of shaves with it. I tend to agree with your statement.

It's alright. Reasonably well made, feels solid in the hand, quite long, good weight. It's a little on the aggressive side, but not too much. A definite step up from my DE89 though.

As speculated, it's unlikely they made this themselves, just rebranded someone else's stuff. I assumed it was a Parker, as they seem to be one of the few who still make TTOs. Got no evidence of that though and it doesn't match their current models, but it's not a million miles away either.

Who knows, if they get enough sales maybe they'll take the DE sector a bit more seriously.