Anyone using one of the razors/blades by postal contract.

Like Harry's.....(admin please delete this if I've contravened any forum rule regarding advertising). I'm currently quite happy to use my de razors and buy my de blades from online market places. Does anyone use Harry's or any other postal themed contract companies and can speak of their quality and service.
I've tried many of them this year as I have a number of short-haul trips planned and whilst you cannot take a single blade on a plane you can take a multi-blade cartridge razor.

In order, for me from worst to "best"
1. Harry's - horrible blade and worse foam
2. Bic 3-blade. Decent handle, just a bit scratchy and a bit of razor burn.
3. Cornerstone. Comfortable shave just not close, handle is very slippery, but travel blade guard is handy. I like the non-foaming shave gel also.
4. Gillette Pro-Glide Fusion FlexBall. Best for first use but considering they sell them for one-cartridge-per-month I found them terrible after a week. Eye-watering cost.
5. Bic 5-blade. Comfortable and close enough. Decent grip and weighted handle. Each blade comes with a decent travel cover. When I tried it you got 5 blades as a trial, now I see it's one blade and some foam.

I had not tried a multi blade razor since before the Gillette Mach 3 and I was pleasantly surprised although I'm assuming this has more to do with decent prep than the razor's themselves - I switched to DE and proper prep at the same time.

As for service my Dad uses Cornerstone and rates them highly. BIC's customer service has been non-existent despite multiple emails and I've not wanted or needed to contact any of the others.